Has The PS3 Reached Its Graphical Plateau?

psxextreme: The PlayStation 3 has been around for five years now (the five-year anniversary for the US comes in November), so perhaps it's time to ask the question: has the machine reached its graphical peak? And if not, how much longer before it does? Then again, will it ever?

Maybe the best thing to do is approach this question from a historical perspective, despite the significant changes in the industry. Let's look at the PS2- when it launched in 2000, we had titles like Tekken Tag Tournament, Summoner, Smugglers Run, TimeSplitters, SSX, and Fantavision. SSX wowed all the critics and at the time, represented a new graphics bar (or so many gamers claimed). Things just kept getting better from a visual presentation standpoint because, much like all PlayStation consoles, developers are often clueless at the start of the lifespan. They just become more comfortable as time goes on.

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chidori6662659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Seems to be pushing the console to the limits already.
I don't see any HUGE improvement over U3 which means the devs reaching the end of the powerband of PS3.

Chug2659d ago

I believe its more up to the developers capabilities rather than raw power of any console.

Games will continue to look better through out this generation.

alousow2659d ago

only nauthy dog n the devs behind killzone r pushing the ps3, but the other devs r just lazy as hell

MaxXAttaxX2659d ago

I've seen some impressive lighting work in the UC3 beta alone, that the final UC2 game hasn't been able to do.

Besides, the UC3 beta is an old build and therefore highly unpolished.

t0mmyb0y2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

I don't think 360 or PS3 is completely tapped out yet. Just because some devs can't make many improvements, imo means to their knowledge and the way THEY program may be reaching limits.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

There are a lot more games that will push the hardware and capabilities on the PS3, always raising the bar.

Uncharted 3
The Last Guardian
The next MLB The Show.

And is proven, 1st Party Devs knows better how to develop on this console than 3rd Party Devs.

And I don't know how many other Engines and methods can be developed to push this hardware.

DanSolo2659d ago

I think it is pretty obvious that any large jumps in power cannot happen now... we are pretty much at the top end of the power of the PS3 but we might still get a bit more squeezed out!

Now though it is down to the devs to just be able to utilize the power that is there more efficiently. We will still see improvement, but it will be more down to the way devs handle the hardware!

DarkFantasy2659d ago

yeah it's at it's peak,maybe a few droplets left if any thing,sad to say but it's time for next gen but im not ready for it my self but im going to wait on all 3 next gen consoles before i make my decision on which one to buy the wii U looks very intresting i like the idea of the controler and that there pushing hardcore games for now i think i might pick up a 3DS.

qwertyz2659d ago

yep.there's not much difference between killzone 2 and killzone 3 theres also not much difference between uncharted 2 and uncharted 3 to top it off naughty dog said themselves that they are reaching the ps3s limits with uncharted 3 so what does that tell you ? gears 3 is also pushing 360 to its limits(it does look way better than gears 2) so both consoles are maxed out. too bad though even bulletstorm and bad company 1(not even 2) on pc totally DESTROYS all console games in graphics quality :,( it must break the hearts of you console fanboys :,( I feel sorry for you guys

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The story is too old to be commented.