GTA IV Mods Look Amazing — Why Couldn’t Rockstar Do This?

Recently some GTA IV mods for the PC have come out showing the game like we’ve never seen before, with cars up to, if not surpassing, the level of Gran Turismo 5. This simply begs the question: What the f*ck, Rockstar?

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Kamikaze1352656d ago

Because the PS3 and 360 can't handle it and they wouldn't dare support the PC community separately like some other devs do.

Nitrowolf22656d ago

Yeah. I'm surprised someone asking this. I think in general Modders will always find a way to make the game look much better (Crysis 1 and 2, GTA: SA, ect)

MrSpace2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

I could understand if the game in question was something like Elder Scrolls but GTA has always been on consoles why would they just ditch their main fanbase for the PC.

GTA V should be for the PS3 AND the PC, least then the PC version won't get as dumbed down as much because of the 360, which let's face it did kind of dumb down GTA because of it's disc format limit

Motion2656d ago

Well, in all fairness, it has always been on the PC platform as well.

BeastlyRig2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Only one worse than Rockstar is Epic..

It's ok at least pc is mainly supported by the best FPS creators of 2011!

wirapuru2656d ago

That's some childish (or noobish) article. The reasons are so obvious that don't need a question. What's next? 'Morrowind/Oblivion/Fallou t/HL2/Civ/Sims/Warcraft/... Mods Look Amazing — Why Couldn’t Bethesda/Valve/Firaxis/Maxis/B lizzard/.. Do This?'

If one make a mod will see how is easier to visualize the better of things after it's done, not when they're writing the game code and measuring limits (as said earlier in this thread).

qwertyz2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

because rockstar had to factor in the MANY limitations of consoles :P

you know some ps3 fanboys believe ps3 can handle this right ? I actually had one tell me that uncharted 2 looks better than anything on consoles including metro 2033,witcher 2, crysis 1, crysis warhead and crysis 2 directx 11 and even called me a fool when I didn't agree with him. when in reality no ps3 exclusive looks as good as EVEN bulletstorm on pc. SMH I will never understand why some people choose to worship pre 2006 technology