Super Easy Mode: Zelda Advert with Robin and Zelda Williams. Was it right to call her Zelda?

Robin Williams is in a brand new advert for Zelda and he has a special little secret for us about his daughter; he has named her Zelda! But is this an amazing homage to nerd culture? Or is it just illogical and stupid?

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Shackdaddy8362657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Robin Williams is so cool :)

Gray-Fox-Type02657d ago

I saw this one the advert, pretty cool advert :) and a awesome game! Even though played it along time ago. As for the updated version you can play a hi res zelda similar to Zelda OOT 3DS on the PC or even in a cel shaded wind waker style. Its very cool!

mastershredder2657d ago

Yes. he is cool. Capitalizing off this name however, is not.

Abash2657d ago

Agreed, Mrs. Doubtfire is still one of my favorite films even today

NukaCola2657d ago

Bicentenial Man was amazing

Bull5hifT2657d ago

Isn't it kinda freaky him and his daughter holding hands staring at each other in a dark room, like some freaky Library room...wheres the Mom?, didnt this dude have a weird mind in his 1980's Stand Up Routines hed curse more than a sailor

Swiggins2657d ago

Is it just me or does Robin Williams look like Karl Marx with that beard?

Still Awesome advert is awesome!

NiteX2657d ago

I hear his beard is so powerful it can cure death itself!

Boody-Bandit2657d ago

Even Chuck Norris cant beat that beard.

zerocrossing2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I wonder if he's preparing for a role as Santa! :D

(On topic)
whats wrong with being called "Zelda"? sounds fine to me.

Xof2657d ago

Nothing is wrong with the name in and of itself.

It's the reasoning BEHIND that choice that people take issue.

To put it another way....

Say one of your friends has a son. He tells you he's going to name the son Luke.

You think, "Congratulations!"

Say one of your friends has a son. He tells you he's going to name the son Luke, after a relative or important friend.

You think, "That's nice. Congratulations!"

Say one of your friends has a son. He tells you he's going to name the son Luke, because Star Wars is like the bestest movie of all time!!!!

You think, "What a ****ing moron."

Get it now?

PureDarkness2657d ago

THIS! Thank you! This is exactly what I was trying to say.

kaveti66162657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

So what?

You can name your son after a relative because...? Because you liked the relative, right?

Or you can name your son after a book character or a film character because you liked the character.

It's not a big deal.

If the name, Luke, is a good name either way, then it doesn't matter.

Edit: There's a lot of other video games out there that Robin Williams may have loved at the time, and the characters of those games may have had odd names. Williams obviously wasn't stupid enough to name his daughter Peach after the princess in Super Mario.

zerocrossing2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

You're probably going to have a good laugh when you hear this but my little brothers name is "Luke" and its partly because of "star wars" My parents are in no way star wars fanatics, I think my dad just liked the name.

But yeah I agree with your point, Naming a child after something you happen to be a huge fanboy of isn't the smartest thing to do, But I don't think it hurts if you happen to hear or see a name you like whilst watching or reading something, and then decide that you mite like to call your son or daughter that name because you like the name itself.

For example if a parent decided to call their daughter Alice after Alice's adventures in wonderland, Because they like the name and the book/movie is a children's classic would that be a bad idea?.

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