Ms. Splosion Man Launch Party in Austin, Texas July 16th! editor Zac, aka INFECTED503, writes, "But did you know: If you are going to be in Austin, Texas on Saturday, July 16th you can attend the Launch Party for Ms. Splosion Man?"

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guitarded772661d ago

40min drive for me... FREE BEER... I'll be there.

multipayer2661d ago

Why does adding "Ms" to the prefix of a game character make me not want to buy it. I mean if it was Splosion Man 2, I'd be like "Awesome!".. Maybe it is just bad memories from other games that did it wrong. I hate clones. Sequel are strangely acceptable, what if it was a sequel with a clone in it... I'll just play the demo first.

guitarded772661d ago

Well, in all fairness, Ms. Pac-Man was better than Pac-Man... just sayin'.

Brash_Attack2660d ago

I just beat it and it pretty much is Splosion Man 2. I rather enjoyed Splosion Man, but I absolutely loved Ms. Splosion Man. Wait for the demo is you wish. You will love the demo.