The Game Blender #3 - PlayStation 4, Gears of War 3, Wii U Future

GameDynamo - "Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends: The Game Blender. Another week of news has been sifted, packed tightly, shoved into a toilet paper roll, shot into the sky, and blown up for your enjoyment… journalistically speaking. On with the show!"

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charmer2710d ago

i wouldnt be surprise with sony copying kinect.....thats all they do ...they dont have an innovative bone inside that company....and regardless of power i expect the wiiu to be a great success for nintendo

Technical World2710d ago

I can see what's going to happen the next generation, mark my words. Remember Sony sayign they aren;t investing as much into the PS4? Yeah. I do too. The Wii U might be as good as it's getting believe it or not. All of the systems will be pretty much on par with each other except while Sony and Microsoft stick to what they've already done (HD, Same basic controller, Motion control [copied from nintendo] and whatever else just revised) Nintendo will use the innovative route with their crazy controller. But it will be like the gamecube while its the better choice people will still want the next Play Station and Xbox more than the Wii U.

Technical World2710d ago

Nintendo's dumb for calling it Wii U anyway. Hardcore gamers won;t want to own something with Wii branding because it's been plagued in the gaming community by dumb people who probably haven;t played it and/or graphics whores. And then casual girlfriends and grandparents will eb confused thinking they already have it since it says Wii and won;t buy it. Thank you Nintendo for pulling something so stupid. I could think of a million better names than Wii U. Srry im still on its name but rlly