Limbo - PlayStation Network Trailer

Sony and PlayDead has released the first Trailer of Limbo for PlayStation Network.

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Prcko2657d ago

So limbo coming to ps3 afterall?!?
so much for ''only on xboxlive''

Corepred42657d ago

Doesn't mean we won't enjoy it like the first time 360 users played it. Just another game for us to play. And don't have to wish it was september already.

majdees2657d ago

A good game doesn't get old. Heck I'm gonna start playing FFVI today :P

xPhearR3dx2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )


You're right. When Limbo was announced only for Xbox you had to wish it was 1-2 years later already so you could play it. I'd rather wish it was a few months away instead of years, but what ever makes you fanboys giggle I suppose.

@finnhima - What are you babbling about? Who's upset that Limbo is coming out on PSN and Steam? The only people bringing up Xbox are the 12 year old fanboys who bring up their "Timed exclusives" comments.

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AntoineDcoolette2657d ago

In exchange for this 360 should get flower or maybe even Journey.

linko18-19902657d ago

@ AntoineDcoolette What's next Flow and Superstardust HD ? will never happen.

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zootang2657d ago

That's why when anything is announced xbox exclusive but is not made by MS I know it won't be exclusive.

Raven_Nomad2657d ago

Hows Left 4 Dead, Gears Of War, Splinter Cell Conviction working out for you on PS3 then?

In other news, Limbo is an amazing game and everyone should give it a go. I played it a ton last year.

I didn't realize people tried to talk trash on arcade titles

t0mmyb0y2657d ago

Looking forward to playing it Raven. And I don't think theres much trash talk on arcade titles. That would be extreme fanboys I guess

MrSpace2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )


I honestly wouldn't be surprized if Valve announce a L4D collection for PS3 later this year. With Steamworks it's looks know because unlike Microsoft being selfish with Live, Sony let Valve do it.

As for the other two...meh the PS3 has got enough titles I think it will survive without Gears and Spilnter Cell (even though we have a HD collection)

Chug2657d ago

The ironic part of your statement is that none of those games are exclusive to the 360 as they're also available on PC.

Why o why2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Raven_Nomad, about the glut that did work out for him....his list would be a lot longer than yours plus i thought you guys didnt like exclusives anymore but yeah, good for all gamers as ive already completed it and the hype was totally justified.. this and braid are probably two of my best 'was only on xbox' games. I wasnt a fan of trials hd but i respect it and kinda preferred it over joe danger.

Inside_out2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Getting a game years later is now reason to celebrate...O_o

I think it's great that the game is going to the PS3.

btw...Why hasn't Ubisoft ported Conviction over to the PS3??? That's weird since they are getting the collectors HD thing. :/ Conviction was a great game and that fanbase is definitely missing out.

Of course, where is MGS4 for 360, minus the gb stealing cut scenes??? maybe one day. It sure is coincidental the way those 2 franchises seem to go head to head...for example, the HD version of the older MGS games are coming to 360..0_o

linko18-19902657d ago

@ Inside_out the video speaks for it self to back you up.

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Godmars2902657d ago

Just another game that, despite being decent, had no reason as being touted as "exclusive" much less buying a 360 for. The delay likely a negative to the game maker in terms of sales while only giving MS an artificial PR ego boost which now makes them seem a bit silly.

xPhearR3dx2657d ago

Oh please, you think it was exclusive for the time being because MS thought people would by an Xbox JUST for Limbo? Give me a break. It was part of there annual "Summer of Arcade" which MS releases a bunch of exclusive arcade titles on Xbox. MS wants to keep it that way, so if Limbo was multi at the time, that wouldn't be the case.

You kids dream up the stupidest shit.

Godmars2902657d ago

What I think hardly changes the fact that the game was announced as "exclusive." An apparent merit for which to buy or own the console.

Stardust HD isn't any reason to buy a PS3, but some of its technical effects show what the system is capable of. Is something to find rewarding once you buy a PS3.

By contrast another 360 example is Geometry Wars. A game that's been on every other system but the PS3 just for the sake of not being on it. Possibly because of some clause in the original MS contract.

Clayman2657d ago

Great game! I highly recommend all PS3 and PC owners to buy this unique game.

blackburn102657d ago

Is it that good? I heard it was too short? But that won't matter if is the right price. I brought Flower and was satisfied with it.

FAGOL2657d ago

I'm wondering if it's worth full price aswell. Hopefully PS+ will get a discount.

Clayman2657d ago

It's about 3-4 hours long. It gets quite challenging towards the end though, which is nice. Not much replay value unless you're into searching for hidden items and stuff.

Dazel2657d ago

It's a very stylish game every gamer should play, one of the best arcade titles on xbox. Your in for a treat guys.

Why o why2657d ago

what'd you prefer. this or braid. I know they're so different but these 2 games are very good

Dazel2656d ago

Limbo, really didn't give Braid a chance if I'm honest. Just screamed Mario at me, which I knew was unfair but I couldn't get passed the demo. Limbo's art style grabbed me from the moment I saw it.

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