New footage of Super Mario 3DS,Mario Kart 3DS and Revelations

Some new videos of these 3DS titles were revealed

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Misterhbk2657d ago

Kinda weird that whoever is playing has the 3D slider off in all three games. Resident evil looks good though.

SpoonyRedMage2657d ago

Having 3D on messes up video recordings because it can see both the left and right image but only has one lense.

Misterhbk2657d ago

Ah okay, I didn't know that. Thanks for the info!

Gray-Fox-Type02657d ago

3DS E3 line up was great, Even though its launch Line up wasn't that great, 3DS games will go through the roof soon with great games just for 3DS. Just like DS.

Shackdaddy8362657d ago

All of those look awesome.

mcstorm2657d ago

I agree too. I was not a massive fan of the original ds for some reason I got one but never used it. But since I got the 3ds I can't put it down. Yes the launch game were not amazing but street fighter and pilot wings were really good on the system and the 3d looked amazing and now I have Zelda I can't put it down at all. After seeing these games at e3 I now feel the 3ds was a good choice to make when getting it.

Xof2657d ago

Really? I was a big fan of the DS because it had so many games I couldn't play anywhere else.

So far, the 3DS has offered nothing BUT games I can play anywhere else. Of course, I've never really bought into the idea that a handheld was worthwhile if it could play inferior versions of better, console games--guess that's why the DS was the first handheld that really caught my interest.

Rockdown2657d ago

Games like these look stupendous. They are reasons why the the 3ds won't fail.

MasterCornholio2657d ago

All look pretty cool except for Resident Evil. Is there any footage of Revelations in open environment because all the footage i have seen are in enclosed areas. I was really expecting open environments like in Resident Evil 5.If anyone can show me any footage in large open environments for revelations i would appreciate it.

I really want a 3DS but at the moment it seems a bit pricey to me. Once it drops to 150 Euros then i shall pick one up with a ton of used games.

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