Biohazard (Resident Evil): 15th Anniversary Box set announced in Japan. Includes HD Remakes.

The survival horror series, known as Biohazard in Japan, celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, and the limited run Biohazard 15th Anniversary Box contains five games from the series.

In addition you get the following extras:

-Resident Evil Code: Veronica soundtrack
-Resident Evil 4 soundtrack
-15th anniversary items: Pins & Stickers (STARS & Umbrella)
-Spacer for PS3′s Resident Evil 5 or Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition.
-The soundtrack CDs are the same as those that were included as bonus Cds for the Resident Evil: Code Veronica/Resident Evil 4 PS2 Value Pack.

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MrSpace4759d ago

They finally bring something out which could appeal to the west but they're not going to release it.


Come on Capcom, don't bullshit and say something like "There won't be enough high demand for it" because trust me there will be. God I can't even import it since I live in the UK

StanSmith4758d ago

Just a word of warning, this article is wrong. None of the PS1 versions will work on a US or EU PS3. Only PS3 Games are region free!

NovusTerminus4758d ago

And yet they could not just remix DMC 1,2,3 for the PS3 for it's 10th Anniversary?

And kudos to Capcom, for NOT bringing it state side. I keep hoping this company will turn around, but it never seems to.

Gigglefist4758d ago

"And kudos to Capcom, for NOT bringing it state side."
That's an awful hipster thing to say

NovusTerminus4758d ago

I don't understand your post... Quoting that single statement of my post does not get the point across, please ready the following portion.

"I keep hoping this company will turn around, but it never seems to. "

What you quoted was sarcasm...

St04758d ago

Are RE1,2&3 HD or just the same as PS1. If it's the same you might as well just buy them off ebay for less than a fiver each

Gigglefist4758d ago

This is the kind of thing I've been waiting for. Hopefully, if they have any sense, it will be released state-side

CrescentFang4758d ago

TBH, Capcom USA special/limited/collector' s editions were kind of lacking compared to Capcom JP...

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Capcom Keeps Bringing Resident Evil To VR – Here's How And Why

This is how the Resident Evil 4 remake was reinvented again for VR.

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Babadook714d ago

This hints at continued support for the VR versions of Resident Evil.

Nerdmaster13d ago

And Capcom, being Capcom, chooses to keep the VR versions limited to certain headsets in a niche that is already small.

Babadook713d ago (Edited 13d ago )

They wouldn’t work well on Quest. Not the PlayStation versions at least. Also Sony seems to have helped fund these.

StoriedGamer13d ago

... Maybe not quest standalone due to power limitations, but you do know that all of the modern resident evil games including 2 and 3 remake (which dont have even have official VR versions) are available on PC and are arguably better in almost every way...

The porting process to VR with VR capable engines is so incredibly easy that the cost is negligible really. What's worse is having played the games on psvr and psvr2, the developers did a pretty shoddy job whereas the PC versions are better as the community tackled a lot of the issues in a matter of a few weeks...

Babadook713d ago (Edited 13d ago )


This is simply not true. Compare RE8 praydog vs the native port to psvr2. The native port is an amazing experience. You’d never want to actually play the pc mod. It’s no where near as good. The performance is not good and is nauseating.

StoriedGamer13d ago

... In what ways is it nowhere near as good? On a decent system it runs incredibly well and even better if you have something good, pushing it way beyond what you get on the psvr2. I've literally played both, and on PC it not only looks better, but runs much better overall on pc. Additionally, you get even more games than the 3 official games over both psvr and psvr2 offered by Capcom (4, 7 which is only psvr compatible, and 8).

Babadook712d ago (Edited 12d ago )


It doesn't actually run better on the PC though. I've heard from many PC gamers who will flat out disagree with you. I've seen top end Nvidia cards drop to below 60 fps (no reprojection either). Hopefully you know the effect that Foveated Rendering has on VR performance.

How far did you make it in the story? If you really claim that the PC can compete on performance show me a professional reviewer who claims that who actually tested a large portion of the game. On top of the performance not being in PCs favour you've got a completely inferior level of interactivity.

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Profchaos13d ago

Pretty sure it's because they were very well paid to do so in the past I'm sure there's a deal going because Sony sure isn't in a rush to produce games for their own headset
Plus the re games are fantastic in VR

talocaca13d ago

RE4 is absolutely stellar on PSVR2.

Hoping their next title supports it too 👏👏👏

Babadook713d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Indeed. One of the guys seemed to be a big fan of VR.

And this bit pretty confirms there're plans for more RE VR projects.

Once they wrapped up the project, they realized VR was well-suited to the franchise. While they didn’t discuss specifics, Kumazawa says they “plan to undertake more challenges in the future.”

Profchaos13d ago

Was amazing I thought re8 was also just as good to.

SmortBoie13d ago

I'd give my left nipple for an official RE2R VR mode. Praydogs was good but the real deal would be incredible.
Shame they don't seem to have any interest going back to these releases. RE7VR even already exists just tweak it and pop it on PSVR2. Nnngggg.

sammichosaurus11d ago

Gotta get some VR experience soon.


Resident Evil 4 Remake Sales Now at Over 7M, SF6 at 3.3M, Dragon's Dogma 2 Climbs to 2.6M

Capcom has announced that Resident Evil 4 remake sales are now at over 7 million units, Street Fighter 6 is at 3.3 million and more.