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If you're a big fan of JRPG's you would know they haven't really lived up to expectations this generation. Compared to the amount of how many were released during the last generation but when compared to this generations amount, you would easily realise that JRPG's are on a downfall. So White Knight Chronicles II comes along exclusively to the PS3 but is it good enough to warrant a purchase? Let's find out.

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NewMonday2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

this sums up how i feel about the game, a sold 8/10, its excellent in areas, average in others.

"The gameplay is what makes this game. It’s really fun to progress and make your character stronger by leveling them up, increasing their guild rank, learning new abilities and hunting for bounties. The game is packed with content, online and single player. Hundred of hours can be put into this game which is the reason why I needed a couple of weeks to write a review for this game, it’s really that big"

after finishing this game i will give Trinity a try, see if the reviewers got it wrong too

WildArmed2710d ago

Trinity has a strong character progression.
Half a decent plot.

It's was a fun game. Put about 60 hours into the game. The combat isn't exactly the best, but the character progression is pretty fun.
It's alot similar to Nier I guess.

NewMonday2710d ago

hard to find in stores, gonna have to get it from Amazon, its a pity RPGs cant get shelf space, no wonder they don't sell to well.

with my backlog I'm all set till Xenoblade, about time we get an AAA JRPG

WildArmed2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Indeed. The lack of JRPGs is just disappointing this gen.
I just wish they'd stop trying to be CoD and stick to their roots. It served them well, and their fans. But now devs are too busy looking for inspiration in games like Uncharted and CoD; while instead they should be looking at Chrono Trigger, FF4, etc etc.

Pain2710d ago

hurry up and release NA version already..

o o
o O

WildArmed2710d ago

Dude, u better play some online this time around >.>

WildArmed2710d ago

Akira, stop reading my comments jerkface.

WildArmed2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

umm.. something like that @[email protected]

The guy "hates" WKC. But he'll play it every chance he gets lol

Going to make sure he gets WKC2.

Murgatroyd72709d ago

Looks halfway decent. I don't enjoy JRPG's nearly as much as I used to as a kid, due largely to the lack of actual roleplaying, but I'm always willing to give one a go. Of course, in this case, I'll probably start with the first one.

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