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TPV Writer Jonathan Writes: "The actual movements were more responsive and finely tuned than most Kinect games but overall the game is simply too boring, it is not a euphoric experience or amazingly visual game to behold, it has no interesting points to the story and the only appeal this game could draw from even the most Kinect loving fans is that the music is actually quite good.

I believe COH has had a lot of hype and delivered very little after I played it with control pad and with Kinect."

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Minartis2663d ago

Wow , the reviewer really couldn't 'see the forest for the trees ' .

Godmars2902663d ago

That, or he maybe he was expecting something more than shallow beauty for what is a disc based title? At least I think its on disc. Don't really care enough to look it up.

Its just that from even reviewers who like it they say its a short experience.

Jonmau52662d ago

If I was blind I wouldn't have had the displeasure of reading this stupid comment.

The game is rubbish, pure and simple. The review is my opinion and if you don't share the same opinion that's fine by me, each to their own.

I simply did not enjoy the game, a lot of hype and praise fell flat when I actually played it because it feels like a poor version of REZ HD.... with Kinect. REZ is years old.... We've got the potential to have amazing, fresh, new and groundbreaking games with Kinect and we get something that is a clone of a game that has been out for a very very long time?

Venox20082662d ago

sorry mate, but even for just a creativity and amazing visuals this game has to be not under than 5.. + great music, replay value and joyful experience ... it's a rail shooter, what did you expect? jumping? ducking?

sorry but it just CAN'T be 3/10

femshep2663d ago

dear review writer

call of duty is over there


Jonmau52662d ago

COD is not the be all and end all of games.... It's not even the best game out at the moment. It's good, there are just better games out there.

I tend to like strong narrative games such as L.A Noire or Mass Effect compared to online shooters. If i have to choose an online shooter it would be Battlefield. Team play is much better than lone wolf style of COD.

So thanks for your super intelligent comment, well done, pat yourself on the back and remember not everyone likes COD and I can't imagine that many people like this rubbish either.

femshep2662d ago

not everyone likes cod i hate it, it supports terrorism i will never buy it

and i like narrative games as well, i like the stories behind them

but this writer shouldn't have a job because he clearly is biased and one of those "if it isn't cod its crap" people

wenaldy2663d ago

LOL, what's up with the pics??

dazreah2663d ago

The second you slap a daft fake beard on a picture of a woman all your credability for a serious review should go right out the window!!

Carnage2662d ago

That is exactly what I was thinking! Why photo-shop a beard on a beautiful woman? Unless the reviewer is a chick that is jealous of her good looks! lol

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