The 15 Greatest Animal Heroes in Gaming

Megabits of Gaming writes: "Megabits thought it was about time we recognised and celebrated the animal heroes in video game history. Although a long list of crazy looking characters have come and gone into the history books, a few have shown their pedigree to decorate the Hall of Fame with some even managing to carry number of titles under their belt.

Here are our top 15 animal heroes which have captured our hearts and imagination and become icons of the gaming world."

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TomInc2659d ago

Sly and Tails are 3 I'd definitely include with a top 15 for animal heroes

Tortilla2659d ago

Man, I hated Tails! Too many cute animals in the Sonic games for my liking!

Bojeeva2659d ago

I hate the Chocobos from Final Fantasy - don't know why... just hate them - otherwise, think this list is pretty decent

Tortilla2659d ago

Anyone remember Jersey Devil? Think it was on the PSOne... that was a cool animal... shame there wasn't a sequel.

NLGSean2659d ago

Resetti from Animal Crossing did not make the list? Oh I thought it was top 15 most Hated Animals... ;)