IGN - Imagining Batman: Arkham City on Nintendo's Wii U

IGN - The announcement was met with deafening cheers. At Nintendo's E3 2011 press conference, Warner Bros Interactive revealed that its highly anticipated sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum would be coming to Wii U. Then reality set in -- Batman: Arkham City on Nintendo's new console would be releasing in 2012, well after its Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 counterparts. In order to stand out, it would need to utilize Wii U's touch-based controller in bold and innovative ways, making Nintendo's Arkham City the definitive version of the game.

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MultiConsoleGamer2656d ago

Very creative. Great idea for a series.

chase1672656d ago

so i have a 55in 3dtv so i can play games on a 6in screen

Shackdaddy8362656d ago

You wasted your money on a 55" tv with a feature that's slowly dying again?

chasedagreat2656d ago

dying lol yeah maybe years from now.
then ill update again no problem
you just keep waiting for it to die
while ill enjoy it

Shackdaddy8362656d ago

Yes. dying. Just like it did before. Look at the 3dtv market. It's slowing down to a halt.

Plus with ultra high def tvs coming out in the very near future, no one will want to buy a 3dtv. They will all have a small IMAX theater in their living room.

That is the future of TV and that is what you should have saved for instead of buying a 3dtv.

chasedagreat2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

i dont care about what other people say
these are the same people who said blu ray
was going to fail.. hahaha look now
maybe it cost to much for you but not me.
im going to pick up a bigger 3dtv
while you wait for it to fail.
3d gaming and movies are the greatest .
dont hate it until you play it.

NLGSean2656d ago

Chase = the reason why agrees and disagrees should be taken away from this site. Here we have a guy with "2" accounts... maybe even more accounts... abusing the system. I guess he agrees with himself and tries to get that one bubble up to two bubbles.

Why do you need 2 accounts? Please... tell everyone... So you can agree with yourself when nobody else does?

jacen1002656d ago

sounds cool the tablet being used for certain veiws would be awesome and its straight in front of u with a crystal hd image.

NLGSean2656d ago

I am hoping a lot of developers are creative with the new controller. Gearbox already has some cool plans for the Aliens game they are developing.

matey2654d ago

Well going off Darksiders2 preview in ONM the game graphically matches top spec PC on underclocked dev-kits so it will look like the top spec PC version