GameTap reviews Gears of War: 'Almost the best console-to-PC port'

Besides the new chapters and the multiplayer mode, this is a pretty straightforward port. Meaning that the problems that people would have with the original release are still present - the Locust are still obscene bullet sponges, the story is still barely passable (even with the explanation of why you're suddenly on a train in act five), the buddy A.I. remains terrible, the scripted moments of protecting your magic robot as it randomly unlocks yet another door still feels contrived, and as mentioned earlier, you can get snagged onto a cover point by accident even more frequently. Yet despite that, content-wise, this is easily the better version of Gears than its original release - it's just too bad that its best feature also amplifies its biggest weakness.

Pros: New single-player chapters are great; cool new multiplayer mode plus maps, PC version provides keyboard/mouse controls and spiffy visuals.
Cons: Problems from original 360 version persist; keyboard/mouse interface brings new headaches.

GameTap's final score: 8/10

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MK_Red4000d ago

Nice to see them use the term "Almost" because there is not denying the fact that THE best console to PC port was Chronicles of Riddick: Escape... with PC port been actually way better than the original.