Crysis 2: Co-Op Mode for the Single Player in Development, Very First Screenshots Released

Crysis 2 Co-op is a mod that will enable AI in multiplayer for cooperative gameplay through the single player campaign. Here are the very first screenshots.

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AfricanWoolf2710d ago

I'm glad that the game is busy being developed after its out. Hi Rea Textures.

Then Dx11

Now Co Op


SageHonor2710d ago

Im glad i didnt buy this when it first came out

1PC2PS333602710d ago

good to see a dev actually trying to give freely to their community

already the nice dx11 and high res upgrade
the mod tools
now co-op

Kudos Crytek

other devs, take notes please!

palaeomerus2710d ago

This coop mod is coming from a group of amateur programmers not Crytek.

DoomeDx2710d ago

You know, Far cry 1, and crysis 1 had Coop mods to.
But they were always beta's which have never EVER been completed

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