New South Park to be about Guitar Hero

Titled "Guitar Queer-o," this week's South Park episode will center on Guitar Hero. According to the episode synopsis, "Stan and Kyle are hooked on Guitar Hero. But Stan's superior skills on the video game damage his friendship with Kyle."

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Squall L Heart3999d ago

i cant wait to see this one especially because the World of Warcraft was so funny

Leord3999d ago

Don't you just love it when your favourite TV show brings in PC or Video games as the main content? The WoW episode was awesome, this is looking to be cool as well!

mighty_douche3999d ago

should make for one great episode!

oh anyone watched the newest "Imaginationland" triple bill? better than WoW episode. amazing stuff, these guys need to make a new movie.

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The story is too old to be commented.