Will Microsoft Dominate E3 2012?

There’s been a lot of rumors lately about Microsoft in the news, and all of it points towards E3 2012. Strangely enough, all of the pieces fit together, and it could be the company’s attempt at a coup de grâce on Sony and Nintendo, as well as revitalizing PC gaming.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2750d ago

They could have saved Halo 4 for 2012 E3, now unless they show off a console i doubt they'll win now.
But it's to early to tell maybe we'll see some epic games in 2012 only time can tell.

Now.. I just hope sony doesn't make so many exclusives in 2012, im going to be broke cause ima buy em all.

firemassacre2750d ago

No Way in bloody hell did they dominate.

Microsofts e3 was terrible with NO GAMES

I would give it to Sony because of the Vita's price point.

Dust 514

Sly 4

And exclusive ps3 content for...

.Saints Row The Third
.Battlefield 3
.Need For Speed The Run
.Bioshock Infinit Vita.


they have the least 1st party studios so exclusives are not their strongest asset at the moment

but a new console unveiling will no doubt have the american press going wild....

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2750d ago

Bro you do know this is for 2012 not this years e3 lol

Godmars2902750d ago

As far as I can tell they've never had any real 1st party strength. Bungie was pretty much it with Halo, but that had been in the works for years before. Know many will argue but Lionhead's only become a joke because Molyneux either can't keep his mouth shut, deliver on the statements that com out of it or both.

And then there's what happened to Rare.

I really think it has something with big American business getting involved with gaming. Companies Like MS and Activision either forget or unaware that to be fun and/or enjoyable, some fun or honest creativity has to be involved in making them.

But they don't want games, they want product. Something you can pass off to the PR people who then try to sell the idea that what's being offered is "fun." And the trend is only growing with the cost of making games.

But yeah, it would be surprising if MS made a solid presentation this E3 considering what they've done recently.

lazertroy2750d ago

Also star trek,3d tv budle,Medieval Moves Deadman's Quest.

Biggest2750d ago

Wow. This already, guys? I'm getting used to the whole "Wait until E3!" thing, but isn't it a little too early right now?

zootang2746d ago

People talked about delaystation. Has the Xbox become the neXbox. Always next year we will announce games.

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gunnerforlife2750d ago

wow so my guy is thinking nearly a year ahead :S
what makes him think that sony wont Announce a new Ps3 next year for 2013, and 50 EXCLUSIVE Games at launch for it ¬_¬ see i can think a year ahead as well...

NoobJobz2750d ago

There is absolutely no way of telling who will have the best E3 a year from now. We can guess all we want but who knows.Microsoft may dominate but they may also be the worst at the show.

firemassacre2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )


hahaha oh sh!t im in trouble... smh

ON TOPIC: if microsift announces new exclusive ip's then i do not see why not, they may have a good 2012 if alan wake 2 gets announced or if they bring a new original ip.

frankymv2750d ago

I'm sure MS will have an amazing E3 but so will Sony. All I knoew is that it will be an amazing show as 2 console makers will be competing for system loyalty.

shikamaroooo2750d ago

Not being a fanboy but they have already announced halo and gears won't be out for a bit after 3 unless there a gears kinect and the next fable game is kinect so I highly dought it

BioDemon-2750d ago

Gears was a new IP this gen, what is stopping you from thinking they won't announce some new IPs?

Commodore2750d ago

The Alan Wake disaster.....

garos822750d ago

its been 6 years and only a handful of new IPs what makes you think BioDemon they will be rushing to show you new IPs.

BioDemon-2750d ago

Quite frankly Garos, It's because if they don't, they're fucked.

ZoidsRaven2750d ago

I sure know one thing, I won't see it live after what MicoSoft pulled this year.

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