Left 4 Dead 2′s Dead Air Campaign DLC Early Release Confirmed

Valve said if 20,000 players get the Stream Crosser achievement by Sunday night, everyone will receive the Dead Air Campaign DLC, early. Valve has confirmed that the DLC has been secured.

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Madusha2661d ago

Pretty easy achievement to get so not surprising it was done in the first few hours. Looking forward to the DLC :D

MrSpace2660d ago

They wouldn't need to put the Dead Air Campaign in L4D2 if they just followed through with their promise and supported L4D like TF2.

St02660d ago

Is it the same Dead Air Campaign as the first L4D?

Da_Evil_Monkey2660d ago

Yeah the general layout is the same, but they will probably alter the props a bit; like putting in railings to limit deathcharge spots.