Nintendo's glacial eStore and Virtual Console release schedule actually encourages piracy (Bitmob)

After the botched launch of the 3DS eStore and the debacle of Operation Rainfall, it seems like Nintendo doesn't want gamers' money. If that's the case, the company shouldn't be surprised to see the skull and crossbones soon.

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Millah2656d ago

A lot of this article just sounds like bitching and self-entitlement. The only real problem I have with the eshop has been the content that they actually HAVE released. It's terrible. The next 3D classics remake they're doing is for some terrible game no one cares about. Why? This is the system launch time, they need to come out with some better content now more than ever. Especially since these are just old games rereleased. I can understand the 3DS games taking some time to come, but not virtual console games and 3D classics. Give us the goods, sooner rather than later.

Main_Street_Saint2649d ago

And here is the other reason I have not bought a 3DS yet; its too soon. Maybe once more content is in place and maybe a price cut, I'll give it a more serious look.

As for the piracy thing; some people would look for the flimsiest of excuses to do reprehensible things like that.