Fake Battlefield 3 System Specifications Surfaced From Gamestop, Gamestop Removes Specifications

Multiple big name gaming websites, such as Gamespy, PC Gamer, VGChartz and VG247, just to name a few, all reported that Gamestop had posted the system specifications. The specifications were not real.

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callmedom942750d ago

People need to learn to listen to the creators of the game, when they say you will hear the specifications from them!

gapecanpie2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

To play this game to the max on PC prepare to drop about 2K and if you only want medium quality then 600 - 700 should do nicely....

callmedom942750d ago

It won't. They've already said that if you played Bad Company 2 on PC, your PC should be able to play this. You don't need a Crysis Pc

SpaceSquirrel2750d ago

I hope it isn't too taxing

agentxk2750d ago

Good job setting the record straight!