Is the Used Game Market Really a threat?

Are used game sales really putting a hurt on game developers? Or are people complaining just to complain? Now as of lately, more than usual, I’ve heard that the used game market is killing gaming. Why? Because Gamestop found a growing market and decided to capitalize on the idea of buying and redistributing the products for a profit? Honestly, that’s just business.

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thebudgetgamer2750d ago

wasn't there an article saying the video games industry would be making 72 billion dollars this year?

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2750d ago

Gamestop will start losing sales on most multiplayer games as most of them need an online pass to play online which is a good thing that developers are adding and will encourage people to buy games new.
Heck sony just started their own online pass they want sales to.

iPhoneGeek2750d ago

Used games will always have their place. I don't think its a huge issue for the industry. I will only get a used game if the is a big enough discount. Most relatively new releases are only like $5 cheaper anyway. Might as well get it new.