Dead Island Hands-On Preview [] "If you only learn one thing after playing Dead Island, it's that there are more than enough ways to kill a zombie should you ever find yourself in the middle of a zombie invasion. Well, that's the lesson I learnt at least. But after using so many different weapons to beat their brains into a bloody pulp, what other lesson could be learnt? I suppose there's probably something in there about learning to work as a team, coping with loss and dealing with an epidemic, but that's all circumstantial in comparison to beating zombies to death."

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Hardedge2661d ago

I just hope there's more to it than just hitting zombies in the face.

ATiElite2661d ago

Ummmm....NOPE that's pretty much it.

I'm gonna hold out for the Secret World as Dead island is just dead with gopher missions and repetitive melee face smashing combat.