New Mortal Kombat Patch Released For PS3

TheSixthAxis: A new version update for Mortal Kombat is now available for the PS3. The download weighs in at 31MBs and should fix that annoying desync issue that occurred whenever someone used an alternate costume.

If you're on the 360, you still need to delete and redownload the klassic skins to manually fix the problem.

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Dart892657d ago

I just did a quick match after the update and now it's better there's still lag every now and then but not enough to mess you're combos up.

firemassacre2656d ago

I love whoopin dat ass playing as Kratos

Graphics2656d ago

Is the game playable? I still haven't redeemed my code because when I tried the game while ps store was down it was so terrible that I was going to sell my copy. I kept it since there were always talks about net code patches so I still have it but don't play.

Ser2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

There have been TWO patches since then.

You should probably check it out and see for yourself. There have been dramatic improvements. I recall you saying that I was "in denial" in a different news post. Well, at least I was actually playing the game and backing up my experiences.

I don't lie when it comes to crappy servers. The MK9 servers are drastically better than they were at launch. (I'm playing on the PS3.)

LightofDarkness2656d ago

Yay, it's finally time to buy, then :)

Ser2656d ago

No more desynchs and almost no noticeable lag! Huzzah!

KonaBro2656d ago

I just went into a match. Before the scene even loaded, it automatically kicked me out. This has fixed nothing.

Ser2656d ago

Did it say desynch or session no longer available?

KonaBro2656d ago

that I need to check the connection to my router or ethernet cable or that the session is no longer available.

ivanjp18822656d ago

same message here, to check my router bs. and i have a great router and my internet speed is 20 megs.

Delriach2656d ago

The session no longer available thing happens from time to time. It's different than the desync problem. Before this patch you couldn't even select alternate costumes or else it would desync.

I've never seen the check your router or ethernet cable message before. That one is weird.

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