An Argument Against the PSN Pass and its Ilk

It would be easy to paint Sony with the “greedy corporation” brush right about now, and it’s true that’s why so many people do it. They are a business, and every business looks for new ways to increase its revenues. Doing so by making life harder on your customers and their wallets is wholly inexcusable though. These same customers were the ones who bought your over-priced mess of a console, and supported you through the biggest hack and data leak in history.

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M-Easy2662d ago

This seems like it was written by a 10th grader. If the writer is below the age of 15 then good work, if not then smh.

"over-priced mess of a console" says by bye bye to any credibility you would have hoped for. Back up this claim or forever hold your fanboy peace.

dangert122660d ago


I can understand this and i have no problem with it. If you can't pay sony for there hardwork put into games via there studio's why should sony let you play using there servers? it's already free for online multiplayer,I understand that games can be abit much i really do having made days up to the next pay day harder because i felt i could't wait for a price drop or wanted a game day one. But sony are ruining a business and despite the hack its a good one at there running.instead of complaining meet sony half way? wait for a price drop by the game new and you will get the free online pass with the game in new condition and cheaper then its orignal price, there are ALOT of good games out and alot of games with good online that should tie you over until you can afford it

GrieverSoul2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

The hate this is generating... These online "pass" BS has been going on for 1/2 years from the likes of EA and recently Ubisoft. Why the hate now???

OOOOOHHHHH!!! I get it! Its from Sony... So now its cool to trash talk about it.

just_looken2660d ago


THANK YOU DRM IS YRS OLD 2008 ubisoft started there must be online bs also pc's have had restrictions to there codes sense 2004ish?. DRM IS THE DEVIL SHEEP WAKE UP WHEN SERVERS GO OFFLINE SO DOES YOUR FULL/HALF GAME. I HATE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD PAY SHIT YOU NEVER OWN THE CONTENT YOUR RENTING IT.

JoGam2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

2011 is the year of the whiners. I swear people complained about everything this year. People boycott a game that is doing anything but trying to make the necessarily money it doesn't make because of the used market. The use market is something like the blackmarket. No its not ileagal to sell used games however developers do not make money but these companies like GameStop do. Yet I see no one flipping out on GameStop when they give you $5.00 for your used game just to sell it over 400% profit. I can see if Gamestop was to give developers royalties for selling their game but they don't. The used market is huge, so huge other companies are trying to tap in that revenue that GameStop makes. Some people don't even buy games new because of the used game yes I understand why Sony, EA, THQ, and soon to be more companies will use the online pass. If they don't the cost of making games and the resources put into the online components of a game will decrease because companies can't afford to do online. Get use to it people.

gamingdroid2660d ago

So what is sooo special about the game industry, that developers/publishers should have a cut from second hand sale?

I don't see the car industry do it? What about business and consumer software, books, music and movies?

Developers/publishers got their cut of the profit when the game was sold as new!

firemassacre2660d ago

It would be easy to paint Sony with the “greedy corporation”

thats why i got free games when psn went down...
when ive never paid to play online...
why my console laster 4 years before breaking...
greedy my ass

TronEOL2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Oh boohoo. The online pass won't hurt anybody. As long as your account is on a PS3, every other user should be able to use the game online.

Not to mention most used games only save you 5-10 dollars, and given the price of the game, you may as well just throw down the extra money and buy a brand new copy without anyone's cooties on it.

Most people who complain about this should be put in the "complaining because I'm bored" category. As I don't see any valid reason as to why it's a bad thing.

:EDIT: Oh, and another thing. Since hackers still do exist on the PSN (I ran into one on RDR the other night), this PSN Pass thing should get rid of them as they'd need a code to get online. So basically, it keeps the hackers offline and leaves us with a nice open, fair, playground.

So, in fact, the PSN Pass is a GOOD thing.

:EDIT 2:
And if the hackers just go out and buy the game to get online, then all it takes is one person to report them and they'll get banned and lose the ability to play online with that pass. Makes life easier for us and Sony.

dredgewalker2660d ago

Yeah this was bound to happen with the multitude of hacks that the PS3 went through. Personally if this secures on-line multiplayer games from hackers and cheaters then I got no problem with it. Either people will always complain whatever Sony does.

Laypoof2660d ago

I mean, I would like it if they didn't make this PSN Online Pass, but it really is a good way for them (as a business corporation) to maximize their profits and fight off the used game market. Oh well...

Neko_Mega2660d ago

Lets see, it go's to developers that took their time to build an awesome game and it helps out them to fix any problems that might happen on their game.

Yeah I think I can deal with that and the fact that this only affects people who buy used copy's.

It be worst on 360, seeing if you have to pay to play online on top of paying to play your game online again. That seems alittle more overkill but not much of a problem.

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