"The Non-Descript Alien Ants Are Going To Eat Us!" EDF Insect Armageddon Review [Cheat Code Central]

Giant ants, alien motherships and a relentless love of the right trigger. How does Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon fare? Find out in the review!

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sarshelyam2661d ago

It's certainly not for everyone, but it has this retro appeal that really shines when you play couch co-op. My son and I play it, and I've played it with friends online. I've also spent a few missions grinds running the gauntlet solo, but the real fun comes with a bud covering your back.

All in all, I've played the entire series cross platforms and this entry is the best they've had yet. We see a return of classes that were introduced in the second game, and the level progression seems far more fair and manageable this time around.

Cajun Chicken2661d ago

Can't wait to play it, got the whole series myself. Well, except for the PSP game.