Five of the Worst Final Fantasy Heroes Ever Created

GPT: "Final Fantasy is a series that has spanned across generations of gamers. Gamers old and young can still converse while this series has provided us with many of our favorite video game characters, a fair share of terrible characters have come as well. Today, I take a look back at the five worst heroes that have been put into Final Fantasy titles."

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pedrami912658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Oh now i know you're just trolling away.

And somehow Cloud alway end up in this kind of lists and everytime is given the same sh**** explanation/argument.

There is a reason why he's doom & gloom most of the time.
And if you ever played Crisis Core you'd know he isn't some engineered clone that this article seem to make him out to be.

VG_Releaser2658d ago

He put HEROES not HEROINES. That's a-whole-nother list there, bro.

pedrami912658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Like, really ?

MAiKU2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

No it doesn't matter, he's just not adding to the discussion.

As always.

This entire article seems like crap just because bartz and cloud are in that list.

Yeah NICK GEARHART you're so totally right, that's why those are some of the most favorite titles in the FF series.


(by the way, cloud isn't a clone fool.)

qface642658d ago

i say just add all the emo characters and you have a list

sinncross2658d ago

The clone thing seems to be confusion from translation, either way CC seems to correct any mistake here by showing Cloud as he existed before the Nibelheim incident. I think the clone thing comes from Cloud being experimiented on and having the Jenova cells injected into him etc.

RedDead2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Marche from F tactics advanced

Cloud is not a clone either. I thought this was made clear(you don't even need CC to tell, there's a cutscene, it shows Zack breaking out with Cloud). Also, he whines once in the game, and that's after he kicks the crap out of Aerith(because of Shepiroth). Your right he ain't a good 'hero' but I don't want a 'hero' all the time. Faults are good, I recently discovered Squall again. Not his fault how he is for half the game, imagine being ripped of your family as a toddler and left in an orphanage. Your sis promising you she'll come back, yet she doesn't.

And Tidus aswell, head wrecking for half the game. Although again it ain't really his fault, thrown into Spira etc

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2658d ago

Add Lightning to that list. Sorry but she didn't even feel like the main character in FF13. And her attitude was annoying.

CDbiggen2658d ago

He put Wakka in honorable mentions? It's been a long while since I played FFX but I can't remember Wakka being a real pain in the ass.

Pintheshadows2658d ago


The amount of hours i'd enjoy punching Hope in the face before it became just a public service.

I hate that #@!*.

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