Far Cry 3: Alternate walkthrough

Ubisoft has released this video of Far Cry 3 showing a different playthrough of the E3 demo with zip line action, sniper and more shooting.

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DoomeDx2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Please be better then Far Cry 2..

Just done watching it. Looks very VERY impressive. Problem is, far cry 2 also looks impressive on the demo's..

grailly2710d ago

I hope so to. It looks like they corrected some of the AI problems already, they aren't omniscient anymore, and you could lose line of sight. Stealth was impossible in farcry 2, opponents would see you from miles away

Legionaire20052710d ago

Looks great, but still since this is the third Far Cry 3, why can't we see a jungle populated will predators like lions, tigers, sharks in the water, snakes on the ground, and etc? Looks identical to the boring Africa from Far Cry 2, hopefully its better.

kostionalist2710d ago

I don't think everyone would be happy watching someone killing animals...

omi25p2710d ago

Like red dead redemption?

Legionaire20052710d ago

Why not it add an extra element to the gameplay, and more variety. I don't know why 2 people disagree with me about this?

RyuDrinksTheDew2710d ago

sweet, i was hoping they would do something like this.

still looks amazing!

bjh0892710d ago

i agree they need to have a living breathing world. africa would have been perfect in far cry 2 if there were more animals. jus imagine swimming through a river and all of a sudden u get attacked by a croc that would be epic.

t0mmyb0y2710d ago

Looks good. Hope it's similar to Far Cry 1. FC2 got boring fast