Forza Motorsport 4 Community Pre-Order Incentive Program There are plenty of great reasons to pre-order your copy of Forza Motorsport 4. Most of them you know: a car collection full of the world’s greatest rides; a cosmopolitan lineup of the finest tracks from across the globe on which to drive; the best graphics found on the Xbox 360; and a plethora of incredible new features that are set to redefine automotive entertainment.

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M_Prime2661d ago

awsome! and this way it doesn't matter where you preorder it! i love it!

thebudgetgamer2661d ago

that's cool, i'm doing that.

pizzavideogames2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Look me in the face and tell me I'm not excited

showtimefolks2661d ago

one thing i missed the most in GT5 were the community features. one thing forza does quite right is its community features/

can't wait to try forza 4

theonlylolking2661d ago

Forza has great community features and car customizations but GT beats forza in everything else.

Perjoss2661d ago

I can't agree with you there mate, the handling in GT5 feels a bit arcade like to me compared to any Forza game.

Terarmzar2661d ago

In my opinion i think it is the other way around Perjoss. I think the physics in GT5 out shine everything else in the game and the closest to the pc simulation you will get ( So Far)

Forza would be the only reason i would get an xbox 360 as im in love with good car games

ThrazN72661d ago

played some forza 3 yesterday. it's the best racing sim this gen. gt5 was a great game but it missed something FUN!.

horndog2661d ago

Yes! lack of fun. Stop playing long time ago. Only got to level 18. Want to trade it in before it depreciates in value more.

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