Games a gamer needs to stay fit in their life

GamerFitNation gives you games that will help gamers stay fitter in life. "Do you hate working out, running, and any type of physical activity but love video games?"

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Love the article theres alot of good fitness titles out there

SageHonor2685d ago

No thank you, I'm fine going to the weight room like I already am.

just_looken2685d ago

lol @ dissagre its so fn true though hmm buy ufc and kinict $200 or GO FOR A FN WALK/CLEAN THE YARD ETC.

Baka-akaB2685d ago

None of them will truly do you any good . Wanna do fitness ? then do it seriously with some discipline, not with a rather permissive and easy going gadget board or game

Kiddcarter2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

I actually have to disagree, I started using the ea active 2 game on ps3 4 months ago and dropped 23 lbs, also I just got the UFC trainer game for kinect the day it came out and have dropped 4 lbs with it so far, so games can work if the person using them truly wants to see results

2685d ago
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