Planetside 2 Will "Revolutionize the FPS Genre" - Sony

The first MMOFPS is getting a major upgrade.

The fact that Sony Online Entertainment was going to announce a sequel to one of its most ambitious franchises at Fan Faire 2011 was not a secret held tightly to the chest by CEO John Smedley. Still, fans of the massive and persistent world gameplay of the first Planetside, released all the way back in 2004, were clamoring for something, anything, about the sequel beyond the scant few screenshots and rumblings.

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ATiElite2663d ago

Firefall looks to be really really cool and it releases soon so I'm wondering what Sony is gonna do with Planetside 2 that will be so Gung Ho over that?

will have to wait and see.

Perkel2662d ago

yep and there is 100% chance it will fail.

Revolutions in gaming comes from taking alternative route sometimes not shareholders friendly as it may fail.

Zipper 256player game didn't revolutionize anything and it was said that it will.

killerhog2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

just because developers (3rd party) dont want to shed out the cash for dedicated servers, doesnt mean MAG wasnt revolutionary.

Just because developers (3rd party) dont want to increase player counts to retain the "pwetty graphics" doesnt mean MAG wasnt revolutionary.

MAG has a dedicated install base (usually 500+ players in each faction and in each mode) and brings features to the table that other developers especially on consoles wont touch till maybe next gen. the game does a lot while active in gameplay. active: real-time explosions, helicopters, humvees, APC's, Bunkers, air strikes, environmental destruction (limited but there). MAG was definitely not a failure especially since it sold over 1.1 million units. oh but dont tell me youre on of those imbeciles who label everything "DOA"?

Perkel2661d ago

@ killlerhog

MAG didn't revolutionize anything.

To make a revolution other must fallow.

MAG 256 player matches as awasome didn't make them more fun or better experience. No game after MAG fallowed their player count.

MAG isn't revolution now. It's just diffrent game.

And calling: It will revolutionize gengre ! is just PR talk with 99,9% chance to fail.

Revolution was game like System shock because thenk to this game we have games like Bioshock or Vampire bloodlines.

Revolution was Counter strike where after few years one shot one kill policy made COD4

Revolution was creating killstreak system in COD4 (i hate it by rhe way)


wallis2663d ago

There's a pattern with games that are supposed to be revolutionary according to the devs. It's almost fuckin' universal that they're not.

BeastlyRig2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

2000 players online was revolutionary! no?

We will see what happen now with there new engine developed with Nvidia.

Plus if it's in the PC market it has a better chance of being something innovative as usual! Unlike the console cod cloned games of this gen.

Look at Dust 514 who else is doing what they are?
MineCraft is one of a kind!
Portal started as a pc mod!
ManiaPlanet is coming were you can create you own Shooter,RPG & Racing game all made by the community!

Overgrowth create your own fighting game!

Innovation starts on PC most of the time!

If anything they are pushing mmo graphics to a new level!

I am surprised Sony made a game ps3 can't handle in all it's glory!

Obvious the game could be played with a controller but with a smaller number of players.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

DUST 514 is definitely a Revolutionary Game for the MMO Genre, Sony bought the exclusivity for PS3, which is more impressive coming for CCP.

Can't wait to see the full retail game.

Nicaragua2662d ago

Sony didnt buy Dust 514, Microsoft wouldnt allow CCP to use the LIVE network in the way that CCP wanted so the only choice console wise was to go for the PS3.

wallis2662d ago

Okay i don't quite get what youre saying mate. Organize your thoughts better because a) I don't get what you're arguing against. B)what games you're even referencing. And c) why you're defending things like PC, mods, and minecraft. I love all three and never even mentioned them.

LightofDarkness2663d ago

I was always interested in the first but never got the chance to play it. I look forward to seeing what this game can offer.