Game Informer - NCAA 12 Review: At The Top Of Its Game?

Game Informer - NCAA 12 is better than NCAA 11, and yet I feel like we’ve come to the point in the series’ lifecycle where the changes – while all worthwhile – are getting harder to notice. Perhaps that’s because of all the hard work has already been done. Consider the game’s online dynasties, which are already full-featured enough that one of its main new additions – being able to sim ahead a week from your computer – is an optional pay-to-play feature. When things are going this good, it seems insane to ask for an overhaul of some core features like recruiting. But as they always say in football, you’ve got to fight for every yard.

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labaronx2662d ago

i have to agree, until the next gen consoles most of these sports titles like ncaa, mlb the show, and the nba 2k series, while all the best in their respective fields, will only see minor tweaks, in AI, graphics,gameplay....

cedaridge2662d ago

i just hope the final build of the ps3 version look better than the demo. the demo was kinda buggy with fans shirt flickering, some weird color animation were the player individually was highlighted, and the game's framerate dropped a lot. but ncaa football 12 is going to be a sweet game this year. well done E.A! can't wait for madden.

ThrazN72662d ago

ncaa fotball is so much better than maddden. been playing since NCAA 03

KozmoOchez2660d ago

Even though I love this game, I just read that review, and it was terrible. He really just bashed the game and gave it a 9/10. Then I read the stuff on the side where they break down the score, and he mentions stuff there that he didn't mention in the review.

Custom conferences is your favorite part, yet you decided to leave that out of the review? I buy NCAA Football every year since NCAA football 2005, and I love the series, and I feel its better than Madden every year, but no one is gonna see that reading reviews like this - despite the 9/10 score.

It's sad that Madden will probably get 9.5 or 10 b/c madden always manages to get higher rated than ncaa, even though it seriously hasn't been better for years. This year I have high hopes, but still...

bama832653d ago

Not only does this review miss by not stating all the upgraded features, with a brief halftime report coming from Erin Andrews, just like you would hear on espn, after she talks to a coach. The computer does not just recieve the ball on kickoff when they win a coin toss, which is nice to see. The custom conferences is nice but wish we had the option to get rid of conferences, I placed Notre Dame in what was known as the big ten, army and navy in the big east, but when i went to put the fourth team that was an independant in a conference, it told me i couldn,t cause at least one team needs to be in that conference. The new coaching is awesome to work from a coordinator all the way to head coach. I found this to be a pretty big step forward. So the question is how does this game get a 9/10 when it improves every aspect of the game including tackling, I have played 10 games so far and am still seeing different tackles, I know it does not seem like a lot of games but on 15 min quarters it is alot. the running out of the tunnel with different team's tradition I found amazing. The only thing to get used to is the play calling screen. Left and right changes formation, and up and down cycle plays, though it takes time to get used to I feel it allows you to find your play faster than the one play at a time in 2011. This is by far my fav ncaa. Not just because of the cover as my name would imply, but because of the detail E.A. put into this game, the deep coaching changes it has performed, and the new coverage and tackling. A 9 is a disgrace to a very balanced and exceptional game. This game is a 10 and after others play it I know they will feel the same way