GameSpot - Burnout Crash Hands-On Preview

GameSpot - Burnout's familiar Crash mode takes a hard left turn in this downloadable spin-off.

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Gray-Fox-Type02659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

This is awful. Give us a full Burnout game not some crap flash game disgrace to Burnout one of the greatest racing titles...This looks like the free doritos dinosaur game on XBLA!

LOGICWINS2659d ago

Play Burnout Paradise. The constant inflow DLC and trophies should keep u busy for a while.

DarkTower8052659d ago

I haven't played BP in a couple years, but its funny how I still remember every bit of the map like it was yesterday. Must have went around that map hundreds of times lol. Good times!

AntoineDcoolette2659d ago

The quality control at EA is really slipping up.

Pintheshadows2659d ago

What the hell is this. It looks like a FB game! Why couldn't they have used the Paradise engine or Hot Pursuits and created say 10 different junctions and online leaderboards with unlockable vehicles for beating points boundaries?

I can say for sur sure this won't sell. I better email Pachter.

KwietStorm2658d ago this? Give me Paradise 2.

EazyC2658d ago

Give me Burnout 2:2

No, that's not a typo.

Psychonaughty2658d ago

I'm usually quite an optimistic gamer but damn that looks truly awful, what the hell were they thinking?!