CVG - PlayStation Vita: Everything you need to know

CVG - The quality - that's what you notice first. It's solid, well built... plastic, admittedly, but posh plastic. Light and shiny, rather than cheap and weak.

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alousow2658d ago

Ps3 junior will be amazing

longcat2657d ago

That may have actually been a better name than vita

liveActionLeveler2657d ago

Everything you need to know: It only does everything, portable!

remanutd552657d ago

release date? thats what i want to know

MasterCornholio2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Sony is doing a great job with the vita. It certainly is the handheld that offers you the best value for its pricetag. Cant wait to see more games for it. Just an opinion but Nintendo really went wacko with the 3DS.

Technical World2657d ago

I dont know yet. I got a 3DS at launch and I don;t see the point in getting this too. It's too similar. HD graphics and a track pad aren't enough to make the two that different. The 3DS has great graphics (Resident Evil Revelations, Super Street Fighter IV, Super Mario 3D, Snake Eater, Kid Icarus, Luigi's Mansion 2) and they're in 3D. It also has descent online capabilities. Play Street Fighter and you'll realise. And the eShop is nice too, just needs more games. Vita has PSN, Near, Cameras, AR, Touch, but the 3DS mirrors all of that. If I have enough money for it it's a must buy but if I don't then I won't go crying because I can play on my 3DS. Tell me the launch lineup and mabey I'll be more convinced.