3D-Screenshots of Need for Speed: The Run 3DS

In addition to the first screenshots of Need for Speed: The Run for Nintendo 3DS you will now find the first 3D-screenshots as mpo-files. These are viewable via 3DS-Browser in full 3D or via any stereoscopic monitor. Just follow the URL and type it in the browser to access and activate the screenshots.

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Sorano2662d ago

It looks even better in 3D!

franktheprankreturns2662d ago

3D is just a crapy gimmick. The 3DS is just a kids toy...

Venox20082661d ago

yes, it's a gimmick if you have one eye only.. and dream your wet dream about Vita.. 3DS is a good handheld and not for kids only..

Sorano2662d ago

Don't fuss around...

Back to topic. For all those who would like to view it quickly via 3DS browser. Type in this link:

Zyrando2662d ago

More gimme more gimme more 3D-screenshots x)

Akamuntor2662d ago

3D-Screenshots... Nice idea. :D

AlanarWindblade2662d ago

Looking good. Although I don't like that NFS is going down the Burnout route in terms of gameplay. Well, at least it sounds pretty much like Burnout. :/

Daverball2662d ago

Gimme them juicy 3D-screens. D:

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The story is too old to be commented.