Dragon Age II Legacy takes Hawke beyond Kirkwall

While Dragon Age II wasn't the most visually diverse of games it was still fun to play. I wouldn't mind in the least going back into the Free Marches once more to whoop a little arse and take a name or two. Thankfully BioWare has been kind enough to release a new trailer for us. Take a gander below at the gameplay trailer for Dragon Age II Legacy.

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Bolts2710d ago

"Dragon Age II wasn't the most visually diverse of games"

Understatement of this generation.

kma2k2710d ago

the whole game can be summed up in one word "meh" my interest int he dlc is the same

Pumbli2710d ago

This DLC is more more a of "Blargh" to me.

Pro_TactX2710d ago

Dragon Age 2 should have taken Hawke beyond Kirkwall in the first place.

mobijoker2709d ago

In them mean time we have got 2nd quest based dlc for Witcher 2 and they were absolutely free and its certainly the most visually diverse game
so far.
DA2 needs the main story expansion as it was not present in the main game.