Bungie 20th Anniversary: Multiplayer Legacy

A look at Bungie's History with Halo MP

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aviator1892661d ago

Great vid and Halo really was the franchise that pulled me into multi-player and I'm glad it did.
I can't wait till Bungie's vidoc on August 2nd.

KeiserSosay47882660d ago

I remember having 3 hour+ CTF games on sidewinder with 15 friends over and 4 xboxes and having random people bitch about screen, those were the days...

QuantumWake2660d ago

Screen looking.... LOL! Man, those were the days huh? Miss it so much already. :[

KeiserSosay47882660d ago

definitely! No one cared about graphics or fanboys or whatever...just "Headshot, bitch!" and "Rocket whores!" and the ever so popular "freakin' invisible with a rocket? Seriously? Really?" lol

ninjablaze2660d ago

good video

halo top tier fps