Gears Designer: Nintendo Haters Will 'Talk Sh*t' But Will Still Buy Wii U

Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski is never one to hold back his opinion. IndustryGamers asked the Epic design director back at E3 about the Wii U, and he talked about the evolution of technology but in the end admitted that it doesn't matter because it's from Nintendo and people will buy it no matter what.

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lazertroy2750d ago

Only person that Talk's Sh*t is you.

LOGICWINS2750d ago

If I had the second most commercially successful new IP between the PS3/360 and the most pre-ordered game this year under my belt..I'd be talking a TON of smack too.

fluffydelusions2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

You say it like he's the only one developing the game. Yeah sure he does put in work but so does a whole team of individuals He's just the EPIC games poster boy.

zootang2750d ago


And I bet the guys at Angry Birds are talking even more smack.


Kos-Mos2750d ago

I would not since the game is made for teens and persons with teen brains. Knowledge is power.

KwietStorm2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

For what? Guess it all depends on what kind of person you are then. This guy has been making Bobby Kotick look like a reserved monk in recent months. He talks just because he got a mouth. Having a successful IP has nothing to so with it. He's not solely responsible for Gears, yet he's the only one from Epic constantly poking people with his comments. Gears is a fine game on it's own merits, but he's like a real life troll. And I have zero interest in the Wii U.

EVILDEAD3602750d ago

Just like the original Wii..sooooo many people hated on the Wii before it was released, but after that initial craziness where NO ONE could find a Wii after it was released, then EVERYBODY bought one.

WiiU doesn't look like much after last years E3..but watch the anticipation for it build near it's release and BOOM..sold out hit


LOGICWINS2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

"And I bet the guys at Angry Birds are talking even more smack."

If I were one of the devs for Angry Birds, I would be talking a lot of smack

@fluffy- I'd rather be a millionaire and the poster boy for one of the biggest games this generation than an Internet toughguy who wouldn't say the things their saying about CliffyB to his face.

thenickel2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

"I would not since the game is made for teens and persons with teen brains. Knowledge is power."

Whats for teens and people without a brain?

EDIT: Now I get get it thanks.

LOGICWINS2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

^^Apparently, in Kos-Mos' world, everyone who plays Gears is immature and has a "teen brain". I'd love to see him say that to Morgan Webb's face on national television lol.

Fox012750d ago

So why do you guys hate Cliff again?

"You say it like he's the only one developing the game."
Same for David Jaffe but I don't see you complaining.

Biasmania2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

At EVILDEAD360 ..... Ummm no one seems to remember the running of the nerds at e3 2006? The only s#@t I remember talked about the Wii, was the name jokes... I seem to recall a very positive vibe coming out of E3 2006 ... All the way up to and past launch...

At LOGICWINS.... I loved the internet tough guy remark, but in all fairness isn't Cliff like 3 foot tall? If I ran in to him ... I'd let my 3 year talk smack to him, she's taller and less mouthy already... :)

NewMonday2750d ago

like everybody is buying the 3DS

Kos-Mos2750d ago

Those who keeps the mouth shut agrees.

lizard812882750d ago


And I bet the guys at Angry Birds are talking even more smack.

/s "

You mean you haven't read the smack they have been talking?.... for example, console gaming is dieing. Iphone/Ipad is the future of gaming, ect..

gamingdroid2750d ago

I think once the games come out, the hardcore will be at the forefront again and if Nintendo can deliver the games the will keep it. Only question is, is their online network going to be any good?

Are they coming out with Wii friend codes 2.0?

NiKK_4192750d ago

David Jaffe doesn't just talk s**t just to do it, unlike "Cliffy B". Have you actually listened to interviews with David Jaffe? He's a smart guy and knows what he's talking about and speaks the truth. Sure, he has a dirty mouth, and it's not very professional, but it doesn't bother me, and it doesn't compare to the things the Cliff says, he just likes to talk s**t, especially about ps3 fans on n4g.

Like KwietStorm said, he's like a real life troll

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I talked shit and i did not buy the WII and i will not buy the WII2.

Gray-Fox-Type02750d ago

Yeah we going to see how Wii U turns out. Wii was a huge success terms of capitalising on the casual market, MS & Sony got so jealous they tried it even, Sony more so then MS with Move Wii Motion Plus.

In the other hand don't forget the Wii had alot of great games on it to for the hardcore gamers, some which people want still are in Last Story & Xenoblade.

egidem2750d ago

Dear Cliffy,

Shut up and get back to work.


TBM2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

i pretty much let whatever cliffyb say pass through one ear and out the other. his opinions mean jack sh*t to me. i pretty much don't have much respect for him even though he has helped create to successful IPs.

i've stated a few times that i won't be buying the new wii for at least a couple a years after initial release.

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zerocrossing2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Game devs should stick to making games instead of making fools of themselves. Nintendo does have a lot of genuine fans who will buy the Wii U regardless of what the haters say.

Fox012750d ago

Game devs are not machines that just make games 24/7. They're also human beings like you (oh wait) and me. They have families, they go out, they chechk news articles and post on them just like everyone else...

zerocrossing2750d ago

Agreed, but this guy like many others are in a position where they are up for lot of scrutiny they need to stop coming out with stupid comments, opinions and bashing the competition, Otherwise they become perceived as fools.

palaeomerus2750d ago

Being perceived as a fool by some clueless self important nerd on a video game forum is completely unimportant.

qwertyz2750d ago

this guys talks so much smack its amazing

theonlylolking2750d ago

Just like crytek, Peter Moly(until the game releases then he hates his game), John Carmack, and angry birds dev.

Raven_Nomad2750d ago

He's right though, which probably only pisses off people more. People complained about the original Wii and we all know how that turned out. They only sold 90 million consoles and slapped the competition.

KwietStorm2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

I don't think anyone who talks shit about the Wii actually bought one. The Wii obviously sold mostly to the casual crowd. I don't care for either Wii. No reason to make a big deal of it.

maximus19852750d ago

very true. i hated the wii but even i bought 2 for family member and myself because in the end curiousity gets you.

n4gisatroll2750d ago

ya, the Wii was on those shopping networks, so I'm pretty sure half the install base, if not more are old women, grandmothers or mothers trying to get the next big thing, for either when their grand kids come home, or more than likely trying to lose weight.

TheDivine2750d ago

Yea my bro has one, his wife had one, my dad has one he never uses, i have one lol. I was excited around launch for twighlight princess and metroid prime 3 but soon lost interest once i got a 360. I paid like 100 bucks for a modded wii so im happy. Its well worth it for donkey kong, okami, re4, other m, prime collection, zelda, and a few other games. Wii sports was what sold it to non-gamers. It was cool at the time but man its super dated. Thing is its still got good games, people jump on the hater bandwagon for no reason. Now that the wii u is hd and the most powerful console (at the time) it will hold up well for at least 6 years. The only prob with wii was sub hd (and online but didnt matter much for nin games).

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