All-in-One Wireless Air Keyboard Chatting on its Way

A new wireless keyboard and mouse with voice communication for the PS3 and PC offers gamers a pain-free and wire-free chat and browsing interface.

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ATiElite2661d ago

$99 is a little steep for a keyboard that lacks a fan, USB ports, and glow n the dark keys.

anyway this looks excellent for a HTPC but i'm happy with my Candy Bar Keyboard.

ChronoJoe2661d ago

"Simply move the keyboard in the air to activate the 3D motion-sensing mouse and click with the right and left mouse buttons integrated on the Air Keyboard Chatting case. The Chatting Combo keyboard includes 3.5 earphone and microphone ports with a set of earbuds with mute functionality for the ultimate in convenience, and it can even be used with the browsing and chat capabilities of your PlayStation 3 console. "

Doesn't this sound kinda inconvenient for something of that size? I'm asking cause I've never used an air mouse before. I've seen them used but even the small ones didn't seem that easy to use relative to a regular mouse, I can't imagine how annoying it would be when you have to move the entire keyboard (regardless of how light it is) around.