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'DICE and EA's exciting (and sure to be phenomenal) Battlefield 3 has taken another step towards release with Gamespot revealing the recommended specifications for the PC version of the game, which are as follows:'

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kthsdlr2661d ago

Excellent article. My PC can't, but that's ok.

Agent-862661d ago

These system requirements are only a guess and EA has not confirmed what the actual requirements are. I'm guessing that if you can run BFBC2 well, you should be able to run BF3 OK.

curtis_boy2661d ago

I wish you all gamed on PC's it would be so fun and epic! lol I love my ps3 but PC is the definitive choice for BF3. JETS ON MINI COD SIZED MAPS FOR CONSOLES WILL NOT WORK. GO WITH PC OR GO HOME!!!!

All a pc needs is a decent graphics card a good processor and a 500w+ power supply and your good to go!
Any computer running vista or windows 7 supports dx11 and should have at least 4 - 8 gb of ram.

You can use ps3 and 360 controllers!
I dont use kb + m either I use the ps3 controller

this is the best guide to show you pc gaming is not expensive

curtis_boy2661d ago Show
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Agent-862661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

@curtis_boy, I have a gaming PC so no need to sell me on the Already upgraded and ready to go. Sounds like we have similar tastes as I also own a PS3 as a "sidekick" to my PC gaming. I was just letting kthsdlr know that the requirements being shown have not been confirmed by EA and are only rumor at this point. It's my belief that if your current PC can play BFBC2, it should also be able to play BF3.

pangitkqb2661d ago

I should run BF3 no problem, even on highest settings. I'm excited for this one!

Christopher2661d ago

@curtis_boy: So, you're saying that I _can_ spend more than the $300 it would take me to buy an HD console in order to play it at even less than full specs? Why thank you! /s

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Gray-Fox-Type02661d ago

Nope lol Niether my desktop or my laptop....haha these are mostly used for social and work wise..not for gaming.

fluffydelusions2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Nope, that's why I'm getting the PS3 version and I'm perfectly fine with that. I enjoyed BC2 on console and hopefully I will enjoy this one as well.

Blitz0012661d ago

Yea, mine neither. :( Hopefully i own PS3 also...

BeastlyRig2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

If it can't. It will!!

To much to lose if I don't get it for pc..

Since they said it will be similar to BFBC2 requirements a lot of people should be ok..

C_Menz2661d ago

Just finished building my new PC today with 8 GB RAM, an Intel quad core CPU, and a GeForce GTX 560. Should have no problem running BF3.

Agent-862661d ago

Not at all. Nice setup. Wish the 560 was available when I upgraded; I went with a dual 460 1gb SLI setup. 460's are great cards, though, plus I also got a great deal on the pair: $300. BF3 is going to be epic on PC!

pr0digyZA2661d ago

560ti is a great card at a good price.

KonohagakureFC2661d ago

Didnt they say these requirements are fake?

Gran Touring2661d ago

most likely are, but it's feasible that the actual system requirements may be pretty similar to whats posted.

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The story is too old to be commented.