Iwata admits to poor 3DS software lineup, blames health scares for lower sales

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime said back in February, “the real test of any system is whether the games and applications draw you in and keep you engaged. Through the launch window and beyond, Nintendo 3DS delivers.” In a recent shareholder q&a, Nintendo of everywhere President Satoru Iwata admits they were wrong about the whole “through the launch window” part.

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Inside_out2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

3D is definitely bad for the eyes on an adult and any child under the age of 9 should be nowhere near this crap as it will hurt the still developing children's eyes. This is a FACT...3D has been around for ever. Why do you think it's never went anywhere. :/

This is old news and all the disclaimers won't change the fact that these garbage companies are willing to sacrifice the health of the most defenceless segment of the world for the almighty surprise.

handheldwars22658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

And dude, its not under the age of 9, its 6.

"these garbage companies are willing to sacrifice the health"


bruddahmanmatt2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Unhealthy food loaded with fat, sodium, empty calories and all kinds of other crap sells all over the damn place despite the blatantly obvious risks to a person's well-being, so don't tell me that something which could have a minor affect on one's vision (and which can also be disabled on the device for that matter) is preventing the 3DS from selling. If something doesn't sell it's because of one or a combination of the following:

1. People can't afford it (i.e. it's too expensive)

2. People don't need it (i.e. it serves no purpose)

3. People don't want it (i.e. it's a POS or a competitor does it better)

Me thinks it doesn't take a genius to figure out which one of the above applies in the case of the 3DS. No one enjoys shovelware.

qface642658d ago

you say FACT allot but you don't actually have any..

when it comes to 3D in general the debate is actually split
some say its bad for your eyes in the long run while others say its not and can even be beneficial at younger ages

rexbolt2658d ago

your wrong it does not harm my eyes what so ever wht harms my eyes is call of dutys grafics

Heartnet2658d ago

aww that made chuckle :)

Army_of_Darkness2658d ago

Fact!! Cigarette tobacco companies don't give a shit about your health!!!
Fact!! 3D looks awesome when implemented right! ... Ok. That's all i gotz folks!

TBM2658d ago

for me when i tried it out my eyes wigged out immediately, and i know people will use/say the usual response just turn down the effect. but it would defeat the purpose of what its namesake is intended for and that's 3D.

i can only handle 3D on big screens tv, theaters so for me it wouldnt make sense for me to purchase the 3DS; i'd just stay with the DSi Lite.

Machioto2658d ago

your comment made laugh ,"wig out”!

rexbolt2658d ago

well u have a point there bet 3ds main focus is games not 3d

Solidus187-SCMilk2658d ago

YO, I heard jerking off is bad for the eyes too but I will take my chances.

Silly Mammo2658d ago

Yeah but can you live with the hairy palms? ;0)

No_Pantaloons2658d ago

If you're going to say "FACT" you should at least give to a reputable source.

I think more than likely it IS bad for most people in general. Certainly for extended periods like many people play for.

However he's trying to deflect the weak sales on other factors. McDonalds is very unhealthy, yet people have no problem buying it. I don't think the "Scare" is what stopped them from getting 3ds, its they don't see much they want or are willing to pay release price for.

zero_gamer2658d ago

And cellphones give us brain tumors right? Oh wait.

These health scares are irritating. I have been using the 3DS and have yet to even get a headache let alone eye damage. HELLO THE 3DS HAS A FUCKING SWITCH TO TURN OFF THE 3D!!! Nobody is forcing you to use 3D to enjoy the system. It's your own damn fault for not doing something that simple.

Blame video games for seizures why don't you.

Peaceful_Jelly2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

playing games on crappy HDTV with lag and bad contrast ratio is also bad for the eyes but people didn't care back in 2005. =/

FFXI1012658d ago

Not really...I think just the 3DS.

I have no problem watching 3D movies in the theather and I just got a 51" 3DTV I have not feeling dizy or uncomfortable by watch tv on it or play games.

I did, however, feeling uncomfortable after playing the 3DS at Bestbuy for few mintues.

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Optical_Matrix2658d ago

The 3DS launch line up was terrible. I bought Street Fighter, which really lasted me a week at best because I'd already bought Vanilla on PS3, as well as Super on PS3 AND 360...and with AE edition in coming, it didn't really interest me. Ocarina of Time 3D is out now which is all well and good but Nintendo dropped the ball on that launch line up.

zerocrossing2658d ago

The only reason there is any mention of health concerns is because there is no scientific proof stating that 3D is or is not harmful to your eyes. Granted as a precaution kids under 6 should keep well enough away from 3DS or just not play for extended periods of time, These scare campaigns do more harm than good.

The 3DS launch line up did kinda suck though...

Heartnet2658d ago

Yeh but if 3D did harm a childs eyes Ninentendo would be sued the F*** out of without the warning lol

Sprudling2658d ago

You forgot the "in the US" part. Nowhere else in the world are people suing for everything and nothing.

MrSpace2658d ago

They should of hand Zelda, Mario Kart and maybe StarFox as launch titles

I can't wait for Animal Crossing, I hope they change it up abit this time.

user83971442658d ago

I think people is waiting on the Nintendo 3DSiXL Lite.

kramun2658d ago

Maybe like they will be waiting on the Vita lite.

LOGICWINS2658d ago

"Maybe like they will be waiting on the Vita lite."

So ur proposing that any gamer who hasn't bought a 3DS is automatically in the market for Vita?


LOGICWINS2658d ago

Exactly. People have caught on to Nintendo's game.

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