Xbox 360 owners buy more games

It seems that Xbox 360 owners are the most liberal with their spending on software, with it being revealed that consumers with Microsoft's console buy more games per head than either Wii or PS3 owners.

According to statistics from research firm NPD, and reported on, Microsoft sell 7 games per Xbox 360 console sold, Sony sell 4 games per PS3, and Nintendo comes bottom of the class, selling only 3.44 games per Wii sold.

Naysayers and doubters will argue...

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jiggyjay4053d ago

well the 360 is the TRUE NEXT GEN gaming machine. The Wii gets way to tiring to play for more than 1 hour .. The PS3 is more a Blu Ray player.. So all the gamers who play games choose the 360! Jump in baby!

happyjimmy4052d ago

Well this is stupid. Its been out longer so of course it will sell more games. Good god I gurentee this will lead to flame.

candystop4052d ago

The 360 has always had a high attach rate never below 5 I believe and PS3 at launch was like 1 or so for a good while lol! You people keep using the out longer excuse and it's getting old! Also everybody that agreed with you must be pretty insecure to take this topic so serious! Developers are not dumb or at least most of them and they can see that 360 is simply the system of choice no matter how many of you try and rally together online and show your brand loyalty!

Panthers4052d ago

PS3 will see better results once better games come out. I am going to buy 2-3 games this month alone, which is the same amount I have bought since December last year this entire time. Once games come out, more people will buy games.

ruibing4052d ago

I'd like a comparison of attach rate for the month instead.

Leg-End4052d ago

you may now proceed to getting a life - i bet ur a proper chav

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wil4hire4052d ago

The RROD box is definitely the choice for those who cant afford the Wii or the PS3. Its great for thsoe who have never played RPG's to convince themselves that rpg's that run on the RROD360 are the best RPG's ever made as well as the best graphics ever! Its only a matter of time before Sony closes the door on games, due to how amazing the 360 is doing! 12 million units in 2 years is pretty amazing.

Considering the ps2 did 40 million units around the same amount of time, the 360 is definitely coming close to those figures to dominate this generation.

Well except for not being able to defeat the wii.. with its most impressive game lineup ever. But hey,, there are at least 30 million people who haven't been able to afford a 250 dollar 360 to play halo world wide, they are just waiting for the arcade version to become more of an affordable choice, then thats when its all over.

LOL... seriously is that how it feels to be an xbot? to honestly believe all that?

the ps3 has sold 5 million units without any major franchise games, its over xbots. No more delaystation or wait station.. Mulitplats are becoming better on the ps3 for major titles (COD4, UT3) Ton of exclusives this year.. Uncharted, Ratchet, Haze, Folklore, Heavenly Sword... oh my. Well lets hope halo3 and mass effect can get to those casual buyers who love rpgs and fps... and hate disney bluray movies.. god its over.

WIIIS14052d ago

You sound like a virgin who just got his first kiss and now thinks he can take on the whole porn industry.

Lord20084052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

I can’t believe people aren’t buying games for their swanky new Blue ray player, do they know they can actually play games on it, with such an impressive game line-up on shelf’s already like:

The orange box
Medal of Honour Airborne
The Simpson’s game

And at £49.99 per game that’s a steal at ONLY £10.00 or £15.00 more than XBOX 360. And what with great casual games like Dance revolution (sorry 360) scene it (sorry 360) and viva piñata party animals (sorry 360 again) and Eye of judgement?????????????.

And at over a staggering 5 MILLION blue ray players already sold in only a year the 360 and the Wii have no chance.

in relpy to resistance100

Where do you live exactly, because everywhere else in the UK the RRP on PS3 games is £44.99 and 360 £39.99, and 3rd party games are £39.99 360 and £49.99 PS3.

Game(in store Price)

Sega Rally 29.99 360, 44.99 PS3
Conan 34.99 360, 49.99 PS3
Fifa 08 29.99 360 49.99 PS3

But at least you get them on a shiny Blue Ray Disk

mesh14052d ago

the truth is most hardcore gamers like me i have 15 360 games didn't want to buy the 360 and waited till the ps3 came out then when it did they waited even more to see how the games wud turn out ,while they waited they played amazing pc games like i did and 3 months i got my 360 cause i cud clearly see it is the better gaming machine so from this year on words the more and more and more ppl like i did will have mad up their minds that they are not getting a ps3 and buy mass 360 this year and next befor eu bash me this is the truth about what happend to me and led me to buy a 360 im not being fanboyish just telling the truth.

Dashmoney1014052d ago

u arent so right wil4hire. so many cool people [who influence others to buy a cconsole] play RPG's yep. Yeah 50 Cent and Fallout Boy are playin games like "Japanese RPG for sexually confused people". OOo crap i forgot theyre to busy playin games like " Halo, Crackdown, Mass Effect, Gears of War, Ace Combat 6, BIOSHOCK and all the others great games that the 360 has.

Yes they do buy more games becuase there are MORE GAMES WORTH BUYING DUHH!! u ps3 people are so dumb. U think your console is the best becuz yours has more power. well the xbox had more power last gen and who won? PS2, why? it had better games , fess up Gaystation 3 boys we have better games. and HOW IN GODS NAME COULD WE NOT AFFORD A WII WHEN THE XBOX COSTS MORE??? and We didnt buy a PS3 becuase it didnt have any games i was interested in. resistance was the only one i would want to play.

resistance1004052d ago

@ dl1adm

You fail so hard. You are aware that the RRP of 1st party ps3 games over here are 39.99? whereas the rrp of 360 1st party games is 44.99?

robep34052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

You forgot 12m 30% return rate due to RROD some people on 4th or more 360 so about 8.4m sold 3.6m replacements and as for dl1adm (2.2) you buy your games from game LOL

all Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PS3
£39.99 Free Delivery xbox 360
Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
£39.99 Free Delivery

Price looks the same to me you [email protected] and they are not the cheapest place
so you stick to game.

Dashmoney (2.4) I WILL type this slowly so you will understand LOL the article say's that for each 360 sold 7 games PER 360 in 2 yrs OK have you got THAT.It says for each PS3 sold 4 games PER PS3 in 1 YR OK have
you got THAT do the maths The average for 2 yrs for the PS3 WOULD BE 8
HAVE YOU GOT THAT.It's talking about games per console not total sold for all 360's. If you go back and read the article it even states that 360 owners have had longer to build their collection but they ignore the time difference thats how biased the article is.


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Omegasyde4052d ago


Duh, this article is nothing more but flamebait.

Prismo_Fillusion4052d ago

Was just about to say that.

It's been out an extra year...of course it's sold more games. If it hadn't sold more games then it would be a SERIOUS problem for MS.

TheMART4052d ago

Doesn't matter, it was even @ launch

PS3 @ Launch attach rate was about 1.5 game per unit sold
360 @ Launch attach rate was about 4.5 games per unit sold

At this moment:

PS3 - 3.6 games per unit sold
360 - 6.6 games per unit sold

Now there you go. The PS3 sells less game per unit. Any time, any moment in it's life cycle.

Leg-End4052d ago

i think the mart's telling porkies

those facts smell of shyte - oh yeah, u pulled them out of your mouth

karlostomy4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

MArt said:

PS3 - 3.6 games per unit sold
360 - 6.6 games per unit sold

now consider this:
PS3 - about 5.5mill sold
360 - about 13 mill sold.

software sales:
PS3 - 19.8 million sold
360 - 85.8 million sold

oooh boy. hurry up sony!

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mikeslemonade4052d ago

Alright, and this is new news? Maybe to xbots it is because they by far have the shortest memory. This has long been known that the 360 has the higher game attach ratio. It doesn't change the fact the the xbox and the 360 have had only two profitable quarters and that's because of Halo.

mikeslemonade4052d ago

Alright, and this is new news? Maybe to xbots it is because they by far have the shortest memory. This has long been known that the 360 has the higher game attach ratio. It doesn't change the fact the the xbox and the 360 have had only two profitable quarters and that's because of Halo.