New James Bond 007 title to be announced at San Diego Comic Con

Activision confirmed a new 007 title was in the works for 2011 during a quarter financial call last May, then registered a bunch of Goldeneye domains last month. Now, the revelation of the next James Bond game is mere days away.

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Convas2663d ago

Looking forward to it.

clarkjudo2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

I agree on looking forward to it. I enjoyed the James Bond 007: Bloodstone. I am still going back to play it since its release (single player). It has many appeals in its presentation alone. Being James Bond is enough to play, right? LOL

Pintheshadows2661d ago

Bloodstone was good. Surprisingly so. Shame bizarre won't be able to have another stab at the franchise.

NoobJobz2661d ago

I thought QoS and BS were both fun singleplayer games. Multiplayer wise QoS absolutely pooped on BS. That was a major step backwards. Hopefully the MP is more like QoS this time.

rmx6872660d ago

Part of why QoS multiplayer was interesting was because Treyarch worked on it and a lot of the ideas they experimented with in QoS ended up being implemented into Black Ops, specifically the whole "buying your guns/equipment" thing that we saw with the introduction of CoD Points in Black Ops.

SovereignSnaKe2661d ago

So bloodstone was good? i was going to get it when it came out then i said i'll wait for a price drop and opted for Golden eye.. that was like 7 months ago!!! where has the time gone!

Rampaged Death2661d ago

GoldenEye and Blood Stone were both great. Hopefully this is that leaked Raven game.

xyxzor2661d ago

Yeah that looked really good.

NarooN2661d ago

Quantum of Solace and Bloodstone were both good games. I guess they flew under the radar, but I played the hell out of Quantum of Solace. I hope the next game is like Nightfire. That was easily the best one since Goldeneye, but Everything or Nothing (kudos if you remember this one!) was also a masterpiece.

I needs some more Bond action, especially since the next film missed it's expected 2010 release date due to issues with the companies involved.

rmx6872660d ago

Agree on Nightfire, that and Agent Under Fire before it were two incredibly fun multiplayer shooters last generation. Along with From Russia With Love, I think EA has done a much better job with the Bond license last gen than Activision has done this gen, but like I said in the article, hopefully they can pull something off real nice this time around, especially if it's Raven working on it.

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