Online Shooters Need to Move On

VGChartz: Shooters have seen a heavy presence across the industry for many years. Quake dominated the late 90s, the Halo series kept the original Xbox alive for years, and the Call of Duty franchise has been bringing millions upon millions back with each entry. And now-a-days, first-person shooters play the biggest role in the industry, probably closely followed by third person shooters. But, in many cases, gamers' aren't picking up these titles for an epic single player campaign, they're picking it up for the multiplayer.

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BeastlyRig2658d ago

Im ok with shooters! Just not the mainstream ones.

HelghastKid2658d ago

I think next gen should be an over saturation of rpgs :D atleast we would be getting our moneys worth

Hufandpuf2658d ago

I used to be a fan of RPG, but now I highly doubt they will be making a return. The next gen consoles might be more focused on smaller P2P titles because of the large cost it will take to make AAA quality games.

HelghastKid2657d ago

Oh no, I have no doubt this wont be happening, but still....a guy can dream.

Quagmire2658d ago

I dont think its the shooters itself, but how its used. Im sick of modern warfare realistic propaganda bullshit games like Battlefield and Call of Duty, yet Sci-Fi or Stealth FPS games Crysis, Singularity, Wolfenstein, Bioshock are great

xc7x2658d ago

the next big thing with shooters [online or not] will be with physics [full destruction] and following with "all-in-ones" [mixed genres / full customizations / go anywhere (climbing,jumping,crawling etc like haven't done before)-do anything (dig,cut,break-smash,move,open -close,push-pull,etc) ability].