Best of the Sunday Ad Video Game Deals (11/4 - 11/10)

These are my picks for the best video game deals in this week's Sunday ads. Thanks to heyheyhey11, xmunitalp (and our Ad Poster Emeritus, speedy1961), for compiling the complete video game Sunday ad deals in our forums.

Best Buy (Ad)
Save $20 when you buy COD4 and the Wireless Headset
F.E.A.R Files w/$10 gift card $49.99

Circuit City (Ad)
Virtua Fighter 5 $39.99
Call of Duty 4 w/Free Call of Duty 3 $59.99
Tomb Raider Anniversary $29.99
Timeshift w/$10 gift card $59.99
Wireless Controller $39.99 (Black, White)
Gears of War $39.99

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ATLRoAcH5011d ago

That free COD:3 when you buy COD:4 is a good deal.I rented COD:3 and loved it.I thought it did a pretty good job with the small sixaxis implements (the melee was my favorite).When I get COD:4 I'm going to circuit city.

jiggyjay5011d ago (Edited 5011d ago )

I think the deal is only for the 360... From what I understand M$ is behind this deal because the 360 version is inferior compared to the PS3 version so they are desperate to sell their version!

Omegasyde5011d ago

hey ATL when should game actually be in the stores to BUY. PLEASE don't say THURSDAY!

DrRage775011d ago (Edited 5011d ago )

you have proven yourself to be a complete loser and a TROLL....get a life, then report back to us.....

but yeah, the circuitcity deal rocks. i already have Cod3, but I am gonna give the free copy i get to one of my buddies since the online multiplayer is tons of fun, and that's primarily the reason i buy games, not really for their single-player campaigns

Athlon5011d ago

I remember several weeks back when Toys r us had a buy 2 get on 1 free deal on all games on every system! Don't know if it's still on.

Omegasyde5011d ago

no that deal ended in october. I wish I took advantage of it but there wasn't really 3 games that came out that month that I absolutely had to have.

Alcohog5011d ago (Edited 5011d ago )

Looking through the CC ad, I don't see this mentioned anywhere...?

EDIT: NVM I see it. It does say specifically X360 also.