Are You Ready for a 200GB Blu-ray Disc?

Move over, BD-50! TDK earlier today unveiled a prototype 200GB multi-layer Blu-ray disc at the IFA conference in Berlin, Germany.

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CAPS LOCK5869d ago

u wont need another hardrive lol, and this would be a good thing for alot of film and series companies, like fox.

fox can have like 4 seasons or maybe all seasons of the simpsons on one disc which would save them tons of money( like pacaging programing i.e disc 1 disc 2 and labeling, advertising) so i think this is a bigger factor and i really hope blu ray win it because microsoft has too much money and they would eventually try to buy off nintendo or maybe even sony.

drewdrakes5869d ago

umm...Microsoft? How do they play into this? Toshiba is the creator of HD DVD. Microsoft merely supports HD DVD. But it is going to be an interesting HD disc battle. I personally feel i dont need either. Theyre forcing it down our throats. I have an HD tv, i dont want anything to do with these discs.

MissAubrey5868d ago

you're retarded! so does Sony.

BIadestarX5868d ago

lol, you are forgetting that this blu-ray disk may cost like $200.00. So, what do you mean by saving money? DVD disk are so cheap that they are not even considered an expense for most companies. On the other hand it will be a while before blu-ray disk are cheap enough to make it worth it. Now, I’m not taking about HD movies, you mentioned the Simpsons which is not HD yet. So, selling non-hd content on a HD media it is just simply stupid.

CAPS LOCK5869d ago

i still have some old videos and dont have alot of dvds maybe 20-25 so i will probably give into blu ray in 1-2 years.

PS3 Ultimate5868d ago

Single layer BRD 25GB, Dual layer BRD 50, BRD has reached 100GB and even BEYOND! 200GB BRD! That definitely eats HDDVD. The future is almost here ladies and gentlemen!

bung tickler5868d ago

acctually if you knew anything you would know that they cant even get a dual-layer br disk working at the moment... so dont count on this to mean anything at all in any kind of timely manner... hd-dvd will probable have won the format war by the time this ever make it into production.

DJ5868d ago

which are writable via Blu-ray burners. There's a big difference between BD-R and BD discs that are pressed in a manufacturing plant.

Ted Price of Insomniac Games was asked in an interview about what would happen if PS3 titles went over the 50Gb limit and he accidently slipped out a vital piece of information. All Blu-ray Drives (including the one in the PS3) can have their firmware updated either through online or by reading a Blu-Ray disc with the firmware already on it. This would allow the PS3 to read 4-layer and even 8-layer discs if need be.

Sony plans on using Blu-ray for Playstation 3, 4, and beyond. It's a long term investment that will definitely pay off, regardless of how well Blu-ray movies do. One has to remember that every Playstation 3 title will be pressed on Blu-ray discs so even if movies fail (which I'm sure they won't) the format itself will still be in good shape.

It parallels how Sony-haters accuse UMD of being a failed format when all it was originally intended for was games. With hundreds of millions of titles sold for the PSP already (all of which are on UMD discs), how does that constitute failure? It all depends on how you spin the information. Besides, its the studios' faults for pricing UMDs so high. Sony had absolutely no say in it, though now they've considered implementing fixed pricing so that UMDs are sold at a lower price than DVDs ($15 or less), thus increasing sales. UMDs tend to lack the special features of their DVD counterparts anyway, so a price range of $10~15 would be perfect.

eques judicii5868d ago

Did anyone notice that the picture is not a bluray disc? its a HVD... heres the link

DJ5868d ago

that explains that extra gold shine.

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