Top 10 Masks in Video Games

GamingBolt: "Ninja's always cover their identity in some way, so they were bound to spring up somewhere in this list. Underrated PS2 arcade platformer Shinobi had a protagonist who, rather than adhering to the ninja stereotype, played around with it instead. Hotsuma's high tech mask brings the ninja into the modern era, and there's no doubt that the red scarf is a sweet addition."

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zerocrossing2661d ago

Top 10 Masks in video games and Majoras Mask wasn't among them! O.o

ATiElite2661d ago

Not only is this list weak sauce but I hate Gamingbolt cause they make you click on ten different websites for this crap. So here you go without getting blisters....

1.Hotsuma's mask
2.Chozo power suit visor
3.An alternate personality
5.The OctoCamo mask
6.Someone else's memories
7Splinter Cell goggles
8.Batman's cowl
9.The Deku Scrub mask
10. Online avatars

Elimin82661d ago

"So here you go without getting blisters...." LOL.. Thanx.

Brueske2661d ago

This is retarded. where the hell is sweet tooth's mask?

Kos-Mos2661d ago

How about "Top ten articles from gaming-journalists who don`t know what to wright about".

zackacloud2660d ago


Seeewf ! Headshot

Boom can't be headshot

morganfell2660d ago

"...who don`t know what to wright about."

Oh the irony.

Kos-Mos2660d ago

Haha. That was the meaning. Believe it or not. I`m deep.

Swiggins2661d ago

Where is Majora's Mask....You automatically fail without it!

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The story is too old to be commented.