Planetside 2 will be enhanced by Nvidia's PhysX Technology

DSOGaming writes: "SOE has also partnered with NVIDIA to provide the game’s physics engine, utilizing its PhysX technology to allow art and design environments in PlanetSide 2 to become truly interactive. NVIDIA PhysX technology is considered the world’s most comprehensive physics solution for designing real-time, real-world effects into interactive entertainment titles."

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ATiElite2659d ago

Planetside 2 along with Everquest 3 will be running on the new Forgelight MMO engine which looks to take a full advantage of modern PC's.

GrumpyVeteran2659d ago

Not good. Using an Nvidia's proprietary technology will exclude ATI users, and trust me there's a lot of people with ATI cards.

Absolute fail, this game is destined to have its servers merged in 6 months after release, and then within 12 months shut down. Reason being is they won't have enough players playing it when ATI users just plain simply will not be able to.

Try again SOE.

Voxelman2659d ago

No PhysX can be run on the CPU - a few effects which probably won't even be used in an MMO, people that have AMD cards or no dedicated PhysX card will be able to play the game fine.