Diary of a Gamer Mom

GamerFitNation's Dsales write's about her life as a mother who games and loves it. The article relate's to Mother's out there that juggle life and gaming.

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LOL yeah I know right, she's Educated, Gamer, and writer.

zootang2711d ago

What is that rare?? Plenty of girl gamers that are good looking and write, out there.

egidem2711d ago

zootang beat me right to the punch. It's not rare to find pretty women who are educated and happen to write and game.

keith-ps32711d ago ShowReplies(2)
BeastlyRig2711d ago


Mom I'll like to play game with!


LMAO! I actually like that one, I'm going to borrow that o.k

ViserysTargaryen2711d ago

HAHAHAHA. Doesn't quite roll off the tongue but it will serve.

Les-Grossman2711d ago

She is going to get a sudden surge of Twitter followers. Over 9,000

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The story is too old to be commented.