Tech-Gaming: Take it to the Bowl- All Your NCAA Football 12 Questions Answered

Tech-Gaming sits down with associate producer, Ben Haumiller to find out about enhancements, additions, and just how deep the whole college football simulation goes.

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ATiElite2657d ago

I have a question

If you win using Ohio State in NCAA 12..will you have to vacate your victory?

Will the Ohio State players be rocking tattoos?

Will the Ohio State players arrive in to the game in sports cars?

GO BLUE and Hail to the Victors!

Armyntt2657d ago

Im not an OSU fan either but when you said go blue I started laughing but then i also felt a little sad. First it was ND then M and prolly next OSU. Once proud football factories that have fallen to the wayside and might never get up. I would also say USC but USC will never stay down to ez to get athletes to come to SoCal.

ATiElite2656d ago

Your right about USC especially when they have QB's that get drafted to the NFL that sat the bench.

OSU and M will be back....Football is a mandatory way of life for M and OSU.

Notre Dame.....they will be back too but may take a little longer.

Go Blue!

Armyntt2656d ago

I hope so. NCAA football is weird w/o M,OSU,USC,ND and the U.

Blacksand12657d ago

I have can you turn the A.I up a little after you learn the game it get easy.

deserteaglexix2656d ago

There's four main difficult levels.

Blacksand12656d ago

I hope so, i like to play Dynasty mode and after a while it get easy to beat even out heisman

MostJadedGamer2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Just play in the new Coach Mode if you want a realistic, and balanced game. The game is always going to be unrealistic if you are controlling the players.

Blacksand12656d ago

Well i know its not real but i just won't the A.I for some harder game play. I know its EA but if you play 2k NCAA 08 and NBA basketball now or the back in the football the computer played hard if they was a good team and you can lose the game if you don't step your play up because the A.I was up a little. I like NCAA College Football that's all i play not Madden.

deserteaglexix2656d ago

BTW- don't looks for an instruction booklet in the case. EA's finally switched to in-game manuals.