Are The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 Not Living Up To Their Potentials

Skewed and Reviewed looks at the two consoles and questions if the two systems have lived up to their potentials. They cite a number of things that can be improved and ask if the designers are more content to let them be as they are in order to focus on the next generation of systems.

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slavish32664d ago

i think they did well. xbox 360 was way better then xbox1. ps3 fell short of the ps2 greatness. I hope next gen will be better.

M-Easy2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Everything about the PS3 is better than the PS2. Hell are you smoking? I'm guessing sales figures dipped in sherm.

slavish32664d ago

if ps4 comes out in 2012 then ps3 was sony worst system

zootang2664d ago

To think the PS3 has still yet to hit the mark when which the PS2 exploded. You know, 199.


Or even better sales figures dippen in sherm soaked in liquid cocaine XD

JeffGUNZ2664d ago

Slavish is right. Sony has even stated they will not invest AS MUCH as they did int he PS3. I think the PS3 is good and all, but it didn't really do as well as the PS2. 360 did great, just the fact of how many people who use to game on a PS2 now own a 360 is incredible to accomplish on your second generation console.

Own both, it's even better!

MrDead2663d ago


The PS4 will require less investment because they dont have to pump the money into a new format or processor, they will just invest in advances on these items. Also the PS3 since its release has sold more then the 360 that is how the gap in sales has shrunk between them, also the PS3 has a better worldwide audience unlike the 360 which only sees leading sales in the U.S. and sometimes the west.

JeffGUNZ2663d ago

@ MrDead

I agree, the PS3 is doing well. But for the 360 to take so much of the PS2's user base is very impressive. I do plan on getting both the new PS4 and Nextbox, but I totally respect and admire Microsoft for doing all it has done this generation and making a solid name for themselves.

BattleAxe2663d ago


He's smokin a D**K.

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Christopher2664d ago

IMHO, both have exceeded them. One has set a high standard for the future of online gaming and social interaction on consoles, the other proving that talent is still what leads to great games no matter the difficulties of technology.

TheDareDevil2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

The fact that this console gen has gone past five years shows that the 360 and the PS3 have not only lived up to their potentials but also surpassed it.
If the X720 and the PS4 would have been released this year, then games such as Crysis 2 and Battlefield 3 may not have been released on this gen of consoles and we would not get to see the true capabilities of the hardware.

Maybe the PS2 and the Xbox still have some juice left in them, but when the 360 and the PS3 came out, all was forgotten about them.

nightmarex1212663d ago

Ps4 is not comming in 2012, the news was fake it already been confirm, and sony hasn't even made a dev kit not a single developer even have a dev kit for ps4.

sinclaircrown2663d ago

Seriously man. PS3 was like warping into the future compared to PS2.

Both have been great, and yes tehy lived up to the potential.

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lazertroy2664d ago

This was the worst gen ever.

StanLee2664d ago

In terms of content?! What exactly do you mean? Because there's been great content and social connectivity like we've never had before.

news4geeks2664d ago

agreed. Most of the games I'm playing through on steam these days are from previous gens. A good gen for WRPGs though.

MOTY2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

I have been gaming since Intellivision and collecovision days and this gen has been my personal favorite gen so far.

Games are huge with great story telling. Great immersible environments and levels. Graphics unseen before on previous consoles and hardware that allows for extreme gaming comfort (360 controller) and new ways of experiencing games using motion controls (move, kinect and Wii-motes).

Lazertroy, I don't think you have been gaming very long to make that comment.

I have absolutely no complaints about gaming this gen.

Could MS have done a better job preventing the RROD...yup
Could Sony have done a better job on their network...yup

But those are just a spit in the bucket compared to the amazing gaming experiences I have had this gen. To make this gen perfect....all I ask for is another Steel Battalion game...oh wait.

Yes, this gen has been the best gaming gen so far.

Peaceful_Jelly2664d ago

this been a good gen if you're a Shooter or Wrpg lover.

VampiricDragon2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

not even wrpg lover.

Past ones like morrowind, baldurs gate, ultima, xcom, might and magic and are actually rpgs.

have been far better than the majority of the tripe this gen

This was the fourth best gen to me and its only that high because the ds and psp saved it.

theonlylolking2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

This gen is the greatest gen that has ever existed. I have been gaming since the N64 and this gen easily takes the cake. Back in the N64 days we could only dream of graphics that would look like Uncharted 3, Battlfield 3, GT5, etc...

This gen does not end until the last next gen console gets released.

Kakihara2664d ago

This hasn't been the best gen in terms of creativity (mostly thanks to games finally becoming THE big money medium) but I'm old enough to remember playing games on cassette tapes and having to wait around for half an hour listening to the sound of a chicken being fed through a paper shredder before I could play so I don't jump quite so quickly to 'worst gen ever'.

Pillville2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

The rise of online multiplayer
The rise of online stores
strong competition between 3 systems
achievements/trophies/leaderb oards

Hardware wise:
wireless controllers
mass storage devices
HD graphics
motion controls
touch screens

Software Wise:

Great new IPs,
Mass Effect
Assassin's Creed
LA Noire
Heavy Rain
Alan Wake
Gears of War
Little Big Planet

Great reboots of franchises, more open worlds, better AI, etc.....

This generation is one of the best, and I've been around since the Atari days.

greyhaven332663d ago

Absolutely spot on...and things are only going to get better

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Garethvk2664d ago

I think the PS 3 is really hitting its stride but with the new system already in the works its a shame they did not add this stuff in earlier.

spektical2664d ago

both lived up to expectations.

sure ps3 price tag at launch was hard to swallow, and the 360's RROD fiasco was just as hard.

but 5-6 years later, they have and continue to give out high quality games. Sure kinect isnt for everyone, but its selling to the casual market, and thats all microsoft can ask for.

here's hoping this doesnt mean motion gaming next gen though for either company..

josephayal2664d ago

The WII U is coming sorry but the War is over

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