The Last Remnant - Square-Enix Delivers its Vision for the Future of the RPG

Gameplayer has gone live with a look at the next RPG for Final Fantasy developer Square Enix entitled The Last Remnant. The article focuses on the amazing new combat experience.

"While Koei's long-running hack 'n' slash series isn't the direct influence on Square-Enix's new direction, the similarities are easy to see. Remnant scales out the 'three versus three' clashes that have been the genre's standard since the original Final Fantasy in the '80s. Combatants now flow across the fields of battle in their hundreds, as central characters are supported by armoured legions (soldiers enlisted from Remnant's four main humanoid races)."

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Bonsai12144092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

sounds vaguely like bladestorm 100 years war. sort of. kinda.

i'll reserve judgement until i see more of it.

though i'm pretty sure that square's vision of "the future of the rpg" is something akin to FFXIII. that free flowing, advent children-esque combat. but only time will tell what they do.

mesh14092d ago

ff needs a rest liek halo 3 its beeen saturated wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much on 1 or 2 finaly fantasy were good as we all know, and not to metnion they dont have the main team and creaor of ff anymore justr wait and seee ff will be over showed soon.

socomnick4092d ago

Whens this coming out ? was it delayed I need a good rpg already and mass effect is 16 days away thats too long :(.

jackdoe4092d ago

From what I've seen of it, it doesn't look too interesting. My top RPGs for 2008 are White Knight Chronicles, Fallout 3, and hopefully one of the FFXIII (just a hopeful wish though).

Charlie26884092d ago

I am sort of interest in this game but I would like to see more till then I set my eyes on Lost Odyssey as my JRPG of choice for my 360

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